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What you should know about buying a home in the new building?

Reviews of goods and services 02.08.2019 at 07:55

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The Capital's primary real estate market is oversaturated risks associated with investing in buildings. The purchase of such housing attractive to families because of low cost and the possibility of payment by installments. The price of apartments in already commissioned homes will be higher than when investing in the construction at the stage of excavation.

investment Risks

Making the purchase of apartments in the construction phase you only acquire the property rights to receive this housing in the future. This purchase is not protected, because at the legislative level it is not regulated by special acts.

unfortunately, unscrupulous developers can use this to plan different fraud to deceive investors. For example, sales staff may choose not to show clients all of the documents, and to conceal the fact of lack of permits.

Many investors have suffered from various shady schemes from the construction companies so before investing in a particular building, you need to conduct a detailed analysis of this decision.

How to safely buy an apartment in a new building erected?

If you want to minimize the risk of loss of funds invested must consider the safety of the transaction from different angles.

Monitoring in the Internet

This stage of the analysis need to take place necessarily. On the Internet there are certainly a lot of useful information. You can even find a website of the developer, and its content to draw conclusions about whether to deal with such a contractor or not. Example of the quality of the site created under a specific residential construction — , it is possible even to track the number of remaining available apartments, see their layout, etc.

it will be useful to find feedback about a specific Builder.

To determine the reputation of the company try to look for online information about the persons holding positions in its leadership. If a search engine will give results with their figuring in court cases – it is better to refuse to deal with such a company.


to determine what to invest in risky will help extremely low price. Do not hurry to rejoice, I found a very good offer. Better check it out further. If the average market cost of square meter in new buildings is significantly higher than indicated in the proposal the developer should think about likely risks.

the photo-monitoring

After choosing a home, you should familiarize yourself with photos from the construction site. If it becomes clear that construction is halted or significantly behind schedule, it is better to abandon the purchase.

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