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British archaeologists found the castle of king Arthur

Travel portal 08.08.2019 at 09:24

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In the UK, in Cornwall, near the village of Tintagel, British archaeologists discovered fragments of the castle, belonging to the sixth century of our era.

the Place it traditionally has always been associated with the legendary king Arthur, but the search near the settlement brought until now only fragments of the Norman Palace in about the thirteenth century.

However, numerous legends about king Arthur bound the time and place of the existence of the legendary king of the Britons, presumably lived in V-VI centuries, with the County of Cornwall.

scientists Found artifacts was the most convincing of all the evidence currently known to science, confirming the reality of the well-known English historical character.

during the excavations were found fragments of glass and ceramic vessels intended for olive oil and wine. All this, as well as plates and glasses confirmed that people who lived in antiquity in the castle, can be attributed to the elite of British society of that time period. For the past few weeks, archaeologists have been able to detect about 150 pieces of pottery.

was also excavated parts of walls, having a thickness of about 1 m, the remains of steps and flooring. The area where it was possible to detect traces of one of the old buildings, has an area of 44 m2. The remains of the alleged Palace was dated V-VI centuries BC Excavated ruins was the first monument of that period, found in the UK.

scientists discovered the Palace was part of a complex that had been part of the Cape South coast. Most likely, the settlement it fell into disrepair in the VII century BC it is Possible that it happened because of the pandemic of plague.

According to legend, King Arthur, being the leader of the Britons in V-VI centuries managed to defeat the Anglo-Saxon invaders. To date, historians could not detect evidence for the existence of this historical character, allowing however the reality of the legendary hero.

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