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Why there are lot of business psychopaths? Unexpected discoveries :.: Article 05.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

"You're a stone-cold psychopath!" — so often during conflict, one side in the gusts of anger calls another. But in fact, a psychopath can be called not every person around us. This erroneous "stigma" many unfair use in order to hurt the opponent. Who are the psychopaths, really? In fact, psychopaths — people with severe personality disorder. Scientists under the concept of "psychopathy" refers to the psychopathological syndrome, which manifests itself in frequent outbursts of aggression, inability to empathize with others, in a superficial emotional reactions, the inability to true repentance. Such people, according to psychologists, callous, selfish, cruel, violent, manipulative, sneaky. They are able to go "over the corpses" in order to achieve the desired. In addition, they are vindictive and always ready for the slightest offense to cause serious pain to a loved one. Photo: Depositphotos Scientists pay much attention to research of this mental disorder, since the deviation in the human nervous system are multifaceted and not fully understood. Numerous scientific studies have proven that it is in prison the most psychopaths. In the society of such people is not more than 1%. But in business, as it turned out, psychopaths as much as in places not so remote. To prove the psychologists managed and the fact that among the leaders of large corporations and small firms every fifth is a psychopath. How is this possible? Is business that turns normal people into psychopaths? Researchers from Denmark had paid special attention to this topic. Researchers interviewed 500 students who were going to work psychologists, scientists, businessmen, economists and legal scholars. They were invited to identify the "dark triad" — narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. It turned out that many future businessmen and economists have shown the presence of mental disorders. Scientists have proved that turns people into psychopaths are not violent modern business — it just enhances certain qualities that were inherent from birth. Business enhances those qualities that have been inherent with raiderette: Depositphotos Psychopathic personality disorder and business: what's the connection? The desire to have power, money and status characteristic of people who belong to the "dark triad". These aspirations determine the choice of future profession. Economic education and education in the field of business allow you to build a career in the corporate world. And it is known to encourage an environment in which people with personality disorder can use their dark side and the good to prosper by it. Such persons intuitively choose education and work, which is agreed with their worldview. We learned more about psychopathic personality disorder and how it relates to modern business. So now it's understandable why the business is ruthless, cunning, and cruel....

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