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Stealing is a talent? Major robbery of the century :.: Article 06.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

At all times there were two types of people: those who skillfully makes money, and those who are not less skillfully steals them. And many want not just to get the coveted treasure, but to become famous for it. Today we will focus on the greatest robberies in history. February 2003, employees of one of the Belgian banks in Antwerp remembered for a long time, because coming to work, they found 123 desolate locations where diamond brokers kept gems. The value of the stolen diamonds amounted to more than $ 100 million. On the development master plan of the robbers took more than two years, during which they analyzed many of the Bank's security systems, creating various copies of keys and observed the behavior of all personnel. One of the robbers even had to get a safe Deposit box at the Bank and regularly to visit him. At the time of the visit, all occurring within the Bank removed the miniature camera placed inside a ballpoint pen. As a result, the criminals have designed the exact layout of the room. Talented thieves hacked into the security system, disable the alarm and replaced film cameras. A day later they have already pondered over how to spend $ 100 million. The value of the stolen Antwerp diamonds totaling more than 100 million dollarbut: Depositphotos is Not less interesting the crime happened in Tokyo. It amounted to 817 thousand dollars. It happened in December 1968. Employees of a Bank in Tokyo, was carrying Bank car amount of 300 million yen. On the road the car was stopped by a police officer. He said that under the car there is a bomb and needs to liquidate urgently. A police officer crawled under the car and a few seconds later there began to break out sparks and clouds of smoke. Everyone in the car immediately left him. Then a policeman climbed into the car and drove away in an unknown direction. Given the fact that GPS did not exist, to hide the car is not big deal. Despite the fact that the case attracted 120 witnesses and more than 110 thousand suspects, the investigation has not produced any results. 300 million yen and 110 million podozrevaemye: Depositphotos has Also been situations where stolen money just simply did not fit in the car, and the robbers had to throw them right on the road. So September 1, 1997, five armed robbers seized a post-office in Zurich, Switzerland. Hacking cash machines, they took with them a 42.9 million dollars. Due to the fact that a third of the money collected in bags of small bills, not climbed into the car, the robbers had simply throw them on the street. There have been cases where burglars have time to have a feast at the crime scene. Criminals dig a tunnel and opened the floor of the Bank, which was considered highly reliable, and stayed there for 4 days. They stole 9.8 million dollars, placed on the site of a picnic and even drank wine. Before leaving, one of the robbers, bearing the name of albert Spaggiari, wrote on the wall: "Without hatred, without violence and without weapons". Thieves prefer galleryphoto: Depositphotos Based on the foregoing, we can deduce that any theft is a violation of property rights. But at the same time, society creates not only property, therefore, a possibility, but the reasons for theft. One of the reasons is considered to be an unfair income distribution, poverty and misery. Because you can not be stealing a piece of bread... Or will be? ...

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