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How to properly negotiate over the phone? :.: Article 06.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

XXI century — the century of capitalism, the age of new technologies, the mass of digitalization and of globalization. It would seem that everything becomes easier with each passing day: it is easier to order food, it is easier to buy things abroad (not even getting out of bed). But get competent advice from the same bed was actually more complicated: the IVR is simply not able to answer those questions that were not included in his system. Here are included the managers of the call center, absolutely real people, the purpose of which is to tell, show and guide. It's funny, but many people think that there is nothing difficult to "just chat with the client." Well, if you from us on the other side of the tube — have a good day, good day! But if you know what it's like to call, and still call the cold — make yourself comfortable. I think that we are all people and adults with stairs sales familiar, and if not — Google. Photo: Depositphotos Briefly — there are several stages: 0. Training. 1. The contact is made. 2. The identification of needs. 3. Presentation. 4. Offer. 5. Completion. Them today and discuss. Just specify that the method alsardary, so specific authors to refer not going. Let's start with the first, more precisely, the zero point. The preparation phase that is often ignored and sitting on the bench — he can have an impact on the will to talk to you or not. How to prepare? Very simple. Gather information: if you are calling for the first time on a new product/service — learn the script, prepare the FAQ, go to the site to understand what the customer sees. This will help you better understand the customer, and at a later stage to be brighter variative and interesting. First of all, prepare for zvonkovoe: Depositphotos At this stage it is important to prepare mentally and emotionally — many people buy an emotion and not the fact that you're tired, tired of working, I have not been on vacation or the spark in the relationship died away. During the conversation you also part of the equipment sales, you match that needs to light the client's idea, and as you know, light a candle not lighted match is impossible. Well, the last before — set yourself three targets of telephone calls, the achievement of which is important for the completion of the call. The purpose of the mini is the most basic, which is to be achieved. The goal of MIDI — averaged result (for example, the agreement on the direction of documents that will help you create an agreement for payment). Goal Maxi imply the closing of the client's here and now. When you finally prepared — the time still to gain a customer. Picked it up — excellent! The game began. Now your task is to make contact. How to do it? Let says the client, but the owner of the conversation should be productto: Depositphotos You should be confident, kind, pleasant and interesting. Try to change the intonation, tone of voice, ask a few questions (preferably open), and he participated in the conversation. Stick to the Golden rule 60/40 or 70/30 — where most of the dialogue (60-70%) talking to a client, and only the remaining period lead Manager. This is the seller — the owner of the dialogue is important. If contact is made — so the person does not feel discomfort in communicating with you and is ready for a possible sale. It is important to maintain his interest in dialogue, requesting feedback on the conveyed information ("we Have an interesting offer for You. What do you think about this?"). Stage of identifying the needs is one of the most important and necessary. Identifying the need, you need to understand that the person in front of you: gender, age, what, in what direction career, what tasks to accomplish and in what ways resolve issues. This is necessary in order to form a unique proposition for the client and to look good for him. For the correct presentation based on BPM (Basic buying motives). There are six of them: saving time, saving money, prestige, innovation and development, comfort and safety. About BPM we can say-markers: discounts, convenience, reliability, modern, best — they show what people will pay attention in the first place. Presentation it is important to adjust for the identified need. No matter what you are selling: pens, bricks, columns, or Spa services. Each product/service must cover the needs. Analyze the handle: Photo: Depositphotos 1. Time saving: buying a batch of pens for himself/his company now builds a stock for the next six months that will not be distracted from the work on things like ending pasta. Keep on hand three! 2. Save money: purchase party handles will allow you to save, because — as for wholesale buyers — we are ready to discuss individual discounts! 3. Prestige: our handles buy the largest company of Russia, because they are a combination of stylish design and vivid shade of ink. Data pens are the best on the market. 4. Innovation and development: in the design of the handle is used new technology of the anatomical rod, which allows you to write with a pen a long period, and the hand does not get tired. 5. Comfort: ink is used economically, so you will be comfortable to take her on a long conference — the handle will not fail and will not end, moreover, as discussed earlier, the new design makes its use as comfortable as possible. 6. Safety: we are implementing the pens for a long period and have a huge number of clients among individuals and legal, including the largest company. Do you think the opinion of the market leaders you can trust? That is if you hit the BPM — the likelihood of a sale increases significantly, you found the pain and offered medication. Is to offer, it is also an art. To offer you directly (offer to buy), but you can offer alternatives (this or that product), the summation of benefits (buying this you will get both), or ownership (buying it now, you get it). Which sentence is more interesting to you? A good calls!Photo: Depositphotos Received "OK" from the client, prepare for the end — put a clear task and give time on performing: "I'm in love with Your booking before 18 o'clock, time to pay?", "Will call You tomorrow to confirm payment, will send contract", "After the conversation send You a questionnaire for you to complete up to 15 hours and send a return letter, okay?" When a person has a task that needs to be done, and, most importantly, for its implementation it will receive some benefit- the customer is more willing to go to the site or check e-mail. Besides, it will be the responsibility you agreed to. Every detail leads to the sale are exactly the same as failure to comply with a simple structure can cost you a loyal customer. Success!...

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