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Why we need facial massage? :.: Article 06.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Speaking of female beauty, in the first place mean the beauty of the face. Of course, the elegance of shapes, the beauty of the female form, too, is of considerable importance, but the face is the first thing that you look around. And every woman knows this, so much time and effort invested in it to make it look fresh and attractive. It is believed that maintaining the attractiveness of the face, preserving its youthful promotes massage. We are talking about cosmetic massage, is the best friend of female beauty and the enemy of age-related skin changes. Cosmetic massage done on face, neck, décolleté and hands. This beauty procedure improves the skin condition is wrinkles, eliminates puffiness and sagging. It helps to fight with body fat. Of cosmetology massage is known since ancient times. Another resident of ancient Egypt applied this procedure to preserve the beauty of the face. They have developed the technique used to this day. Cosmetic massage used a technique developed in Ancient Egyptare: Depositphotos up To our days has heard about that ancient Roman physician Galen and his disciples were advised to apply this massage using various oils to women who wanted to preserve the youthfulness of the face as long as possible. So how to perform this miracle massage? It is usually done by hand, adhering to massage lines. Hands must be clean, as well as the area that is being worked on. Massage is desirable to do with the use of special oils or creams to improve its effectiveness. Owners of oily skin it is advisable to abandon the use of oils so as not to aggravate the problem. They recommended to use for facial massage talc, potato starch, or baby powder. Movements are performed along the massage limitto: Depositphotos Motion during the massage is carried out along the so-called massage lines, exclusively from the bottom up: the center of the chin to the earlobes (to advance, keeping to the edge of the face);the corner of mouth — tragus of the ear;the wing of the nose the cheekbone;the bridge of the nose — the head (to move above the eyebrows);the center of the forehead — hairline. Each movement should be soft and smooth. You cannot press hard. You can stroke, knead and tap the person on the above lines. With special care to be massaged the area under her eyes where skin is very thin and sensitive. The impact of such cosmetic procedures on the body is very noticeable. The massaged areas are better supplied with blood, improving lymph flow, blood flow. Moreover, this procedure is very pleasant, the brain receives nerve impulses and stimulation of pleasure centers. Thanks massage improves mood, relieves stress. The arrangement works not only in beauty salon but also at home. Any woman available-massage, thanks to which improve the skin condition, and overall health. Self-massage is available any sunshinegotta: Depositphotos However, before proceeding to the miraculous beauty massage, can transform a womans face and stay young, you must determine whether you have contraindications to its conduct. The procedure is contraindicated for people with pustular lesions on the skin, abrasions, cuts. It is impossible to carry it out and in the case of infectious diseases, high temperature, hypertension or hypotension. Take the time to include a cosmetic massage program facial. He will allow without considerable effort, investment of time and Finance to achieve remarkable results: to improve the condition of skin, reduce visible wrinkles, to look more fresh and attractive. ...

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