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What is active rest? :.: Article 06.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The Phrase "active rest" has gradually become habitual. It is mentioned in the announcements of sports shops, recreation centers, water parks, travel agencies and many interest clubs: equestrian, travel, water, even music. Do all these outdoor activities can help to relieve fatigue after work, and can amount to a vacation? What says history? The question about active rest was raised in the XIX century. It has been advocated, in particular, the famous Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. Engaged by occupation in mental work, he was a supporter of active physical training. His most favorite activities were: gymnastics;Cycling;skiing;walking; playing in small towns. Ivan Pavlovthe: Many people from your social circle academician accustomed to regular physical activity at every opportunity, urging them not to miss the slightest opportunity to feel the "muscular joy" after exercise. Beliefs of the academician about the benefits of active recreation was founded on a deep knowledge of human physiology and reflex mechanisms. The phenomenon of active recreation and other interested scientists. In particular, the physiology of labor activity the concept of active rest is allowed to enter the research results of Sechenov, who proved that the absolute quiet, typical of passive recreation, has no such effect on recovery efficiency, as the change activities that affect those body systems that have not been involved so far. Absolute rest has no such effect on recovery efficiency, as the change of deiatelnostiu: Depositphotos After the effectiveness of active rest has been proven concept it became an official term. Mode of work and rest have been made of the so-called fitness breaks that we recommend 2 hours after the start of the work, and in the second half of the workday after lunch. The duration of such activities does not exceed 5 minutes. Today active rest called varieties of activities necessarily associated with physical activity, which, however, does not lead to fatigue and exhaustion. Moreover, this activity must be fundamentally different from the main human activity. How does it work? The concept of occupational health includes urgent recommendations to alternate mental work with physical activity. Photo: Depositphotos In particular, active walking helps to eliminate fatigue in humans engaged in mental work and leading a primarily sedentary lifestyle. It restores normal blood circulation in those areas of the body, where sedentary work is formed stagnation, forced to work the appropriate muscle groups. Physical activity promotes the release of blood number of biologically active substances that positively affect mood, which returns the body tone. The result is a significant reduction in feelings of fatigue, improved mood. And in a good mood and works better. Even a short 5-7-minute break filled with physical activity, enough to raise blood circulation, reduce emotional and mental stress, increase cerebral blood flow, prevent the onset of fatigue. The increased ventilation of the lungs during such short physical breaks helps to activate brain activity that is very important for people of intellectual labor. What kind of leisure to choose? Photo: Depositphotos Undeniable advantage of active recreation is the lack of age restrictions and the possibilities. It's not a sport, there are no standards and clear framework. There is only the opportunity to relieve tiredness and get new bright impressions. The list of types and areas of active recreation is incredibly large and allows you to select a class for every taste: hunting;fishing;Hiking;skiing;caving;horse riding;sailing; swimming;diving;Biking;nature trails;output for mushrooms or berries;morning or evening Jogging;walking; skiing;all the same, "towns", and many other. Photo: Depositphotos should be selected not on the advice of colleagues or friends and not the company. Every body is different, so one has to decide for himself what kind of activity will suit him, will allow to restore physical and emotional comfort. The selection criteria must be health. On the basis of this criterion, should be dosed physical load. Then any activity will be good for you....

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