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How many hats should be in women's wardrobe? :.: Article 07.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Once the woman couldn't leave the house without gloves and hats — these items of clothing gets a must-have in the toilet every lady. In Russia a married woman was tied with a handkerchief, which appeared in public places, and with uncovered head walked only a young girl. Over time, requirements for clothing were abolished, and now the man decides for himself, in which he was to appear in public. Meanwhile, hat is a staple that can become the protagonist of the image, emphasizing the style. For example, an elegant hat will transform pant suits in a feminine, romantic bow, a baseball cap worn with the same suit, immediately give the appearance of perky sporty style. It is also important that the value of hats and caps is much less than the cost of a pants suit. Headwear is the perfect solution for a variety of basic wardrobe. Let's look at what caps and bonnets should buy and wear during all times of the year. Winter hats In the cold season without a headdress not to manage and, of course, is to choose several options. On the link to learn more about the range of caps and hats, focusing on your primary style. If you're in a down jacket, pay attention to knitted caps, which are easy to match with a hood, and buy a fur hat for those options when the hood can detach. Fur hats, in turn, can be in the form of a cap-bomber, or a classic cap-hawthorn. Many ladies love warm scarves or shawls, which throws the head out of the car. The rest of the time I go without a headdress, preferring the hoods. Winter hats Here the choice is very wide. Still relevant knitted models, but without lining, perhaps with openwork viscous. Knitted hat easily transforms the appearance in direction of any style from romantic to simple, classic. The beret is undoubtedly feminine and delicate, although on a man's head look great. Are almost all women, suitable for any style, from coats to jackets. But hat is not suitable to each jacket, it is best to pick a coat or coat. Be sure to try on and listen to feelings — hat is capricious and can easily turn a young woman in "aunt". We are talking about winter hats that should not only adorn a woman's head, but also carry out protective functions by closing from the wind and other bad weather. Scarves and shawls are widely used at this time of year, as are easily removable in good weather and put on as needed. You can wear anything that goes, ranging from LICs and bactosol and ending Pavlovo Posad shawls. Summer hats is an area which women often neglect. In summer, most girls go without a hat, preferring to show flowing hair. Meanwhile, at least two hats worth to have in a summer wardrobe: hat-baseball cap and hat. Showy wide-brimmed hats, you can wear them with dresses and skirts and with pants and short shorts. Baseball cap comes to the jeans, and summer sundresses. At least two hats for every season of a woman's wardrobe musthave. All the rest — on the mood....