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How to put on the ears of a parcel of separately taken delivery of the post office? :.: Article 07.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Well, the coachman, supposing I did not serve. But what was young... true. We then with his wife just to Karelia moved. And she had on the first month of pregnancy. And because it was not accepted. Who needs an employee, which is slightly more than six months, will go on maternity leave, and after him and leave?.. Will not have time to teach people the subtleties and secrets of his work, as here, Hello! But the subtleties and secrets in every profession. It I with full responsibility declare. Because one engineer's salary to live is not so easy. That had me at the time to earn some money, where possible. The benefit is perestroika and glasnost started, and the main work to write a certificate of permission for the combination of the special problems was not. So I was in the shipping Department of that post office that was literally two steps away from the hostel, where I was upgraded on arrival. Normal the combination. Early was strictly. Issued a Soviet citizen, the press needs to lie in his mailbox until eight in the morning. Supposedly a man came out of his apartment, took a newspaper from the mailbox and while riding in a trolley (or bus) to work, all Soviet and foreign news has learned. Therefore, up to eight. Spread your mail on the site, ran the shipping Department, handed over the key-triangular, which posylochki boxes were opened, and — to work. By nine-time without any delay. To stand, of course, had neither light nor dawn. About four o'clock. But then I ran on the site... Slender and lean as a deer. 48-th size was hanging on me like on a hanger. But those seventy-five rubles, plus a dozen awards that I brought in the mail was very useful for our family budget. However, they were working... Hard. The late 80s Perestroika, glasnost. People and wrote out everything. Including heavy and thick magazines. Republican newspaper "Leninskaya Pravda" on my site, so every... in Almost every apartment, it had to deliver. And when they came, "Worker"... like it or not, purely for her need to do a separate post. Already in the evening. In the morning it just don't push her so much I subscribed. But somehow coped. I was young, all sorts of stories of life happened. However, the very beginning of my work in the mail... Put on the ears of the entire shipping Department. Although the change began quite casually. Arrived at quarter to five, received from the chief of all correspondence that was to be posted on my site: three hundred and "Leninist truths" with a small tail, a little more than two hundred of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", about fifty of "Works" less than two dozen "Soviet sport"... Well, and the like. Among other things, has given me fifty Grand "Pioneer truths". Received, signed for, moved everything on my Desk, began to form the post. To do this, I have about five books ("runners"), which painted the entire route. For example: Vodlozersky street, building 4, apartment 1 (discharged — "Lenin's truth", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Izvestia"), apartment 2 ("Leninka", "Labor", "Soviet sport"). Then all the apartments of this house, then another house on this street and all apartments... And so are all the streets and houses of the site. Take these books and form: that in which apartment. Of course, on the edge of "Lenin's truth", which put all the rest of the papers prescribed in the apartment label — "WONT. 4-1," and the next "tab" only write the number of the apartment. And so from house to house, from street to street — the entire plot. Well, sit, lay, form packs, and... and suddenly in the middle of the plot of I... End "pioneer truth". Get up from your Desk, go to the boss. They say that was wrong you, blue. I had a half of the area is not painted, and "Pioneer" I'm out! TA — in their Talmud: "no, you have a site on fifty-two "Pioneers", I'm gave. Here, look: you signed for. 52 instance". "Yes, what is 52?!! There were not thirty!" And then she looks at me, looks... And then quietly, without a word, slides into the seat behind her was... Just a minute, maybe more, she returned the gift of speech: "And you slammed the newspaper?" "Spread out, spread out! All the apartments, as in "runners" painted". "No! Before the apartments spread out, you itself a newspaper "laid"?" Now I stared at her, like a sheep at a new gate... turns out, the "Pioneer" in terms of printing performance — the original newspaper. When it's printed, machine gun lays out the newspaper in two instances (shoves one into the other) and only then forms a pack. I gave fifty-two Newspapers. Twenty-six two one in the same. And before you lay out, they had "sort": pull one from another and form a new bundle for receipts on apartments — one newspaper. And I have a pack and remained — two "Pioneers"! One in the same... And forming route, I am in every apartment that was subscribed to "the Pioneer", put two Newspapers. So they ended me after I painted half the area... what to do? If I'm to fix this error, I will not have time to eight to throw your parcel in the mail. All the Department will be left without a prize. The boss is faster than I realized. Out of his kandaki Yes, scream for the entire Department: "Everything in this (my) site! Objective: to find nerasprostranenie "Pioneers" and razblokirovat them!" The people — all as one! — left the formation of the delivery bundles on their routes — and to me. Someone grabs my runners, leafing through them, finds an apartment, where there should be "Pioneer", yells: "Krasnodontsev 8, apartment 5". The other grabs my already laid out for houses of the same street, house, pack, pulls out from the fifth flat, "woman Pioneer" and like a magician, from one newspaper pulls out the second. First — place in the fifth apartment down the street Krasnodontsev, the already established pack this part of the plot, the second — on the table, not yet painted Newspapers. While he understands with this address, the first has time to shout the following address, where it should be "Pioneer", and in the case included the third, fourth... well, ten minutes and on my Desk and twenty-six "lost" my "Pioneers"... And we have time. To eight all Newspapers were scattered in the mailboxes. And no I did not abuse. How do I, a beginner, supposed to know that the "Pioneers" such a feature?! ...

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