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How to find a "Sisu"? Finnish resistance :.: Article 07.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Hygge (dates. "hygge"), log (Swiss. "lagom"), Sisu (fin. "sisu") — how many Scandinavian words came into fashion lately! With the first two everything seems to be clear — a comfort and moderation, cocoa, and IKEA. But CECE is more. Sisu — about guts, not about aesthetics. Have Sisu — almost the same as English "to have guts", and if not, then, speaking in Russian, someone has "guts". Originally the Finnish word "sisu" means "guts", but gradually became more elevated significance, marking an important feature of the national character. Sisu is perseverance, and will power, and courage, and composure, and fortitude in the face of adversity, even the most extreme. To find the exact translation of this concept is difficult: every Finn understands it a little differently. But Sisu, they say, is at all — it just needs to find and develop. It's not so much the quality of the individual, as the life of the body reserve of psychological stability of a person. Some popularisers Sisu are not afraid to extend this notion for life in the Finnish society. Therefore, the ways of development of Sisu they offer are incredibly diverse. The cold, darkness and the element to be Sisu is not cocoa under a blanket of pititto: Depositphotos Due to the word "hygge" we now know how to cope with the long and dark winters, the Danes: the light of a candle wrapped in a warm blanket and hot drinks. All it is not forbidden to do in Finland, but to be CECE so will not work. Another thing — to meet the elements face to face, at any time of the year to go to work by bike in -30°C or to spend a vacation on a rocky islet in the Baltic sea, even if it is possible to get warm in the South. Winter swimming, the Inhabitants of the southern coast of the Baltic sea like to say that the amazing ability to swim in summer, cold water goes along with childhood, and the winter swimming — the lot is crazy. Dive into the hole is good, it builds cicutto: Depositphotos Their neighbors to the North meanwhile, the "moreout" even on public beaches in Helsinki, which are specially equipped for these brave men. Yes, the sauna there too. And here is the main Board of the Finnish "walrus" beginners: start to swim in the summer and autumn don't let the cold weather stop you. The challenge Finnish education system is considered one of the best in the world. School education subordinate to the municipalities, teachers have high qualification — master's degree, and they have greater freedom in choosing programs and methods of training. In the Finnish school evaluation is not important, the main thing — to teach children to think for themselves, to apply their knowledge in life and follow through. And, oddly enough, this system, based on mutual trust and responsibility, works. If anyone is able to sit on unsolvable math problem and not to fall into despair, so that Finnish students. Difficult task on the shoulder only with a good cicutto: Depositphotos Bad As Sisu have any good ideas, do Sisu have a dark side. Persistence turns into obstinacy, restraint, suppression of emotions, and will power — violence on themselves. To the credit of the Finns, they are not afraid to talk about it — and this also shows Sisu. ...

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