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What is pasta? :.: Article 08.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Do you Know what is pasta? I think, Yes. If not, explain that it is French or Italian (there is still the debate is about the creators) a confection consisting of almond flour, egg whites and sugar. Done in the form of cookies and put between two layers of stuffing. The name comes most likely from the Italian term ammaccare — "to smash, crush", and is an allusion to a method of manufacturing a main ingredient, almond flour. There is a cookie with a similar name — macaron (macaroon). Two desserts are very different in appearance, but because of similar names may be easily confused. Photo: Pavel Prokofiev, personal archive Product is known for a very long time, but it looked a bit different. The modern shape of pasta purchased at the beginning of the XX century, when Pierre Defontaine, the grandson of the founder of the famous patisserie Ladurée, had the idea, and he put together two cookies in one with cream ganache. Cookie transformed into a cupcake, dubbed ‘le macaron parisien' (Parisian macaron). This delicacy has become "a best seller" patisserie Ladurée network. And since this confection has started to conquer the world. It is extremely popular in Japan, Canada, USA, and, of course, Italy and France. Our country this fashion are also not spared. Pasta (not to be confused with pasta) is now trying to create a. Someone more successful, someone less. Best, of course, look to those who have, in my humble opinion, it goes well. For example, the company Macaronika. In a rather short time, they were able to achieve considerable progress and gain significant market share. Photo: Pavel Prokofiev, personal archive Thanks to one of the company executives Arcadia Stein, managed to lift the veil of secrecy on production of this dessert and see everything in person. Pasta made of several ingredients: egg whites, powdered sugar, sugar and almond flour. However, their production requires considerable skill and experience. There is even a special word macaronage, meaning the technique of introducing the dry ingredients into the egg whites, since this process is quite tricky. There is a clear need to follow the recipe in order to make everything is perfect and the appearance and internal content. And Yes, at first you don't get none, even for experienced cooks. Only dedicated masters know all the secrets to achieve a perfect match. And definitely in the company Macalope they are available. Each product has strict requirements. If pasta is not consistent — it is excluded. Photo: Pavel Prokofiev, personal archive First of all, the filling must be uniform, dense, light and not viscous. Cake itself does not crumble during eating, but also does not stain your hands and mouth. In addition, the stuffing should not come out of a biscuit and must not stick to the teeth.The texture and the biscuits are very smooth. Any convexity on the surface indicate that the almond was not thoroughly crushed and sifted. The top crust of the pastry must be very thin — this cake is very delicate. The texture of the cookies with a crust — light and soft, allowed even the minimum viscosity.Pasta should not be too sweet and cloying. All this can and should know when evaluating your pasta. Photo: Pavel Prokofiev, personal archive We were able to try several. And it should be noted that the taste very much. But apart from the taste and quality plays an important role and marketing. Arkady Shtein showed us several of packaging options — from 6 to 52 pieces each. Convenient. The packaging design is also quite interesting. Arkady said that they invited the painter who held the brush with paint on glass — and, in fact, it is an interesting result, which was the basis for the packaging design. Overall — a useful and interesting experience happened. And for completeness, apply a small video. ...