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What is low-grade fever? :.: Article 08.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

We All know that the body temperature of healthy person is 36,6°C. the Sudden rise in temperature indicates the resulting health problems. However, there are times when the thermometer shows of 37.1 or 37.2 for several months or even years. Needless to worry about long-term ailments on the background of several high temperature regime? A symptom of what diseases it is? Let's try to understand these questions. Daily long condition in which the body temperature is 37.2 degrees in medicine is called low-grade fever. Causes that provoke it, are numerous: from chronic fatigue syndrome to neuroendocrine changes. To figure out what provoked him, their own hard. Blood tests don't always give the answer on situatsiyami: Depositphotos Subfebrile condition can be of two types. The first blood test shows the increase in the number of leukocytes and increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate. In the second case, the blood test does not show significant changes and deviations from the norm. The increase in temperature, which can be kept for a long period of time, it is usually invoked by thermoneurosis after the transfer of human infectious diseases. Such a low-grade fever may occur about a month. It needs no special treatment and has the ability to pass on their own. Doctors consider it as a renewed body's reaction to invading infection in it. Another frequent cause of fever is the presence in the patient of certain diseases. We are talking about hyperthyroidism, a pathology of the hypothalamus, chronic iron-deficiency anemia, peptic ulcer, diseases of the ears and the upper respiratory tract, diseases of the heart, extrapulmonary forms of tuberculosis, worm infestations. In such cases, low-grade fever may occur for more than one month. It can keep patient's years. In the long-term observed low-grade fever (more than 1 month) must see a doctor and undergo all necessary examinations and tests to determine the cause of the increase in temperature and General malaise. Do not tighten the visit to craco for hearth vospalenie: Depositphotos Daily increase of temperature in the range of 37.1 and 37.2 degrees Celsius is not a normal phenomenon. Normal turbulent temperature doctors recognize that that ranges from 36.6 to 37 degrees. Anything above the specified limit, indicates the presence in the human body problems or issues. Fluctuations within the specified rules indicate the decrease in immunity after infectious diseases. A particularly serious problem when low-grade fever is observed in a patient for several years in a row. The root of the problem, usually autoimmune disease. Slight fever and palpitations give irregularities in the thyroid gland. In this case, the patient needs to see a endocrinologist and get treatment to restore the function of the thyroid gland. If it is not there, the person suffering from a long time low-grade fever, definitely need a full workup. This problem can be caused by disease of the liver or kidneys, lungs, chronic tonsillitis, rheumatism. To leave her unattended. There is a risk of serious complications because of these diseases need adequate therapy. You may need therapy to rebuild the work of the thyroid relativeto: Depositphotos If you notice a heightened temperature, observed more than 1 month, in any case, do not ignore it. Your body therefore indicates health problems. Be sure to visit the doctor, go through all the necessary tests and research. Detected disease be cured easier than running, which is fraught with serious complications. ...

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