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How to determine your color type? :.: Article 08.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

When creating a fashion image stylists and makeup artists recommend that women stick to your color type. Through this technique, the image of a woman will be more bright and harmonious. How to determine your color type and what suits the representatives of the different color types? Let's figure out these issues. The color types are divided into four categories and called in the times of the year: female-winter, female-spring, female-summer. female-fall. Summer and winter color type refers to the cold, and spring and fall are warm. To determine what color type of your appearance, you can use a few tips. It is important to consider eye color and the natural color of volosato: Depositphotos tip # 1. Sit in front of a mirror and look closely at her reflection. It is important that the lighting in the room was good, artificial is not suitable. Not suit and bright sunlight. Good smooth coverage, determine your skin tone. To determine the color type into account such details as eye color and natural hair color. Tip # 2. Ask for help to a friend or relative. Sometimes it can be difficult to objectively assess your appearance. The side view will not be superfluous. Tip # 3. If you are the owner of colored hair, it may prevent you to properly decide on their color type. Hide your hair under a scarf, preferably white. Warm pink suitable for spring and autumn of tototototo: Depositphotos tip # 4. Alternately apply to his face the scraps of fabric pink color. Shades should be warm (peach) and cold. Notice what tone suits you best. Spring and autumn complexion are warm, and winter and summer — cool. Tip # 5. Look at the tone of your hair. If he has a warm, Golden hue — it means that you are a woman-or spring woman autumn. If your curls cool "ash" tone — so you are a woman, be it winter or woman summer. The cold color type to face silver and platinum jewelry, and warm — gold. Cool pink suitable for women type "winter" and "summer"Photo: Depositphotos Woman-spring characterizes a warm skin tone, it can be covered with freckles. Curls have warm honey or wheat color. Eyes can be any shade. Woman-spring is the perfect clothes, makeup and accessories color of coffee, chocolate, peach, the whole palette of yellow, blue, green, orange and gold. Woman autumn features a bright and attractive appearance. Her face warm peach and apricot tones. Perhaps the presence of freckles. Eyes are bright blue or brown. This inherent color type brown or red hair. He is what is called creamy tone, and the colors chocolate, orange, deep emerald, rich red. The woman-the summer is inherent in the skin of olive hue. The eye is cold green or grey color, but they can also be brown. Women of this type of brown hair, and their curls are inherent in the cold tide. The representatives of this color type is the white color and also beige, Indigo, steel, "siren", "sea waves" and the bright crimson. Woman autumn features a bright and attractive marinasthat: Depositphotos Woman winter distinguish dark tresses (black or brown cold). Eyes too dark: brown, green, blue. This is a very showy type, with white or dark skin, which is called dark. The female the winter is very black, Indigo, scarlet, emerald, dark and white. Selecting clothes according to your color type, you will achieve a stunning effect. People will not be able to notice a change for the better in your way....

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