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Panteleimon the healer: what do not know many Orthodox? Little known facts :.: Article 08.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Annually on 9 August, Orthodox celebrate the day of St. Martyr and Healer Panteleimon. Despite the fact that this Holy well known and venerated by the Orthodox Church, about the amazing facts of his life you know one. Therefore, this article will help to expand the horizons of Orthodox person and tell about the Saint who healed the sick, blind and dumb. Fact 1. Panteleimon (before Baptism he was named the Pantheon) was born in a family where dad was a pagan and his mother is Christian. But the interest in Orthodoxy the boy had not at mom's insistence. All childhood Panteleimon spent in a pagan environment. 2. the fact that Studied Panteleimon to a pagan school. After leaving school he decided to connect his life with medicine. So he entered the medical institution. Content Panteleimonos: 3. the Fact that Christ Pantaleon had learned from his presbyter Hermolaus (after the death of this priest was canonized). A reputable identity for Panteleimon Hermolaus began because was able to miraculously stay alive after a severe fire in the temple. Then the Church burned to the ground 20 thousand Orthodox (Cathedral Church of Nicomedia, 302 a year). Faced with such a miracle, Panteleimon realized that there is a God. And He if will want, can save the elect. Fact 4. Once the future Martyr saw died from a snake bite the boy. The Pantheon felt very sorry for his parents and the child who died never knowing the taste of life. Then the Pantheon prayed to God about the resurrection of a boy and the killing of the snake. For myself, I decided that if God will hear the prayer and will answer the request, it will be the sacrament of Baptism. And the miracle happened — the snake died, and the boy miraculously came back to life. After this amazing event, the Pantheon decided the presbyter Hermolaus baptized. During the baptism, the future healer was renamed Panteleimon. After that happened another miracle — the Pantheon was able to intercede with God for the healing of the blind man. Fact 5. After the death of my beloved father Panteleimon was doing charity work — he began to help the needy and began to visit individuals in prisons. Shortly, the Orthodox healer spoke as the best doctor in the town. Fact 6. The Emperor, learning about the healings that are performed with reference to Christ, invited to his Pantelei and began to force him to renounce his faith and return to paganism. The future Saint Martyr refused. After that there was a new miracle healer healed the paralysed man. The only hagiographical icon of St. Panteleimon Byzantine premeditate: 7. the Fact that The Governor for failing to obey him decided to punish him and the person who received the healing. Both of them were tortured. Pantelei was beaten, burned, thrown in red-hot tin, beaten with iron claws. An interesting fact was that against torture, the body of him was not damaged. This moment was for all of the amazing phenomenon. Fact 8. Martyr before his death tied to a tree. One of the soldiers came out of the army and wanted to hit the spear for the future of an Orthodox Saint, but the weapon immediately became soft and bent. Martyr constantly prayed. The soldiers, seeing the strength of him, fell to his knees and began to tearfully ask for forgiveness. Panteley prayed that the Lord soon called him to heaven. Saint Panteleimon, encaustic icon, XI wetfoto: Fact 9. Close to the Emperor, the executioners, seeing that Pantaleon does not give in to torture, proposed to the Governor to burn it. Healer threw into the fire. But beyond the body of the Saint was not damaged, although the soul of him at the time already expired to God. Today the relics of St. Panteleimon, kept in different countries. Today in need of healing patients from different countries come to the relics of the great Saint in hopes of a cure from serious illnesses. And many people can ask for healing!...

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