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Not only Cyberpunk 2077. Announced Gamedec, cyberpunk role playing game from Poland the latest news on games. 09.08.2019 at 07:08 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Polish team Anshar Studios, the famous VR game Detached, announced a new project. Cyberpunk role-playing game Gamedec, based on books by Polish author Marcin Przybylek, will be released on PC in 2020. Przybylek is a consultant to the team. The inspiration also known as the classic isometric role-playing game. Players will travel to Warsaw XXII century, and not a futuristic incarnation. The people here are the bulk of time in virtual reality, not in the real world. The main character - a private detective investigating virtual crimes. During the game we will roam not only the streets of Warsaw, but also "the realities of our clients", for example, prehistoric Park or places reminiscent of the Wild West or the far East. Our decisions will determine the future course of history will affect the game world and the personality of the character. Problems can be solved in different ways, so people who "like to shoot first and ask questions later" fans and long conversations with neutral characters will find something for themselves.