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Working meeting with Governor of Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikov

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Vologda region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov. Discussed the socio-economic situation in the region.

Vladimir Putin: How are you doing, Oleg?

Oleg Kuvshinnikov: Mr President, the socio-economic situation in the Vologda region in the first half of the year stable. We capture the growth of all indicators: industrial production index is 102 percent of revenues – to 105 per cent. On 1 July, we put out the latest commercial credit, commercial debt of the Vologda region has not, twice reduced the national debt, and today we balanced the budget, began implementing the largest infrastructure projects in the Vologda region. And today I would like to inform You about the orders for the infrastructure development of the Vologda region, which today we sell.

probably the Main project for our industrial center, the city of metallurgists of Cherepovets is the construction of a second bridge over the Sheksna river. This is a project that You held at our meeting on 17 February 2014. This year concluded the state contract for the construction of a bridge. Its length is 1131 meters, the length of the approach – 8 kilometers, the investment amounts to 16 billion rubles. Last week we scored the first pile for the construction of bridge structures, it approaches the auxiliary bridge. And on August 20 we start to hit the piles on the field for the construction of such a beautiful bridge through Volgo-Balt, the river Sheksna. Your order is executed in full, comments and questions there.

Vladimir Putin: everything according to plan?

Oleg Kuvshinnikov: Yes, all goes according to plan. Building a "Mostostroy-11", which was built by the Crimean bridge including then prepaired to us and started to build bridges.

Vladimir Putin: good. Thank you.

Oleg Kuvshinnikov: the Second is the development of the biggest tourism cluster in the Vologda region, is the birthplace of Santa Claus. You gave instructions for the infrastructure development. Report that to date built sports complex in 2018. In 2017, construction of the ice Palace "frost arena". Completing the design of the new Palace of Santa Claus, three times will increase its area, because the number of tourists has already exceeded 300 thousand a year, and so, of course, it is very important that this project was not regional, namely Russian. So we now give it to the Federal sound.

But without the construction of the airport in Veliky Ustyug make it impossible to get to him is extremely difficult, a thousand kilometers from Moscow. And so, on Your behalf, we will finish construction, and lengthening of the runway from 1,500 meters to 1,800 meters, which will allow us to receive medium-range aircraft "Sukhoi Superjet 100" from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities. August 20, next year, we are opening a new strip, new airfield complex with the ability to make this airport over time, and international, if we see that will increase the tourist flow from abroad including. But it's domestic flights.

Vladimir Putin: How much was it, a billion?

Oleg Kuvshinnikov: one Billion one hundred.

in addition, we have already begun to design the extension of bands already in our capital, the city of Vologda. Here, the lane is short – 1300, we also increase it to 1800 (overhaul plus extension). So now, which are projected in 2021 will start its construction, design at the expense of the regional budget, also no questions.

Another project, which You supported, is the construction of a bypass of the city of Vologda. In October 2015, I approached You with a request to continue the construction of the bypass, which was built only half in 2008. We are now completing construction of the bypass, which will connect three Federal highways: to Arkhangelsk (in Nalchik), St. Petersburg (in Cherepovets) and Moscow. This bypass completes the transit, which was in the center of the city of Vologda. On 1 September we will have the first part of the bypass, on 1 September next year we fully finish, 12 billion rubles for the M8, the Federal budget, everything is on schedule, the degree of readiness of 70 percent. No questions. Thanks for the support, Your order, and I tell You about this report.

Now, Mr President, please. Vologda is our capital, the pearl on the map of our Russian North. 872 years, the same age as Moscow, a unique architectural ensemble, more than 200 cultural heritage objects. And of course, our famous Spaso-Prilutsky monastery, St. Sophia Cathedral, Vologda Kremlin.

I want to ask You to our city, the city of Vologda, was given the status of the city's historical heritage.

Vladimir Putin: It will cost the Federal budget of two billion.

Oleg Kuvshinnikov: Yes. And, if possible, the inclusion in the Federal program of development of culture and tourism to allocate funds at the beginning of the reconstruction and recovery of the Vologda Kremlin. This XVI century. We with the Ministry of culture are working on this issue, the project documentation is being prepared. We'd like to preserve the historical significance of our city to provide a status.

Vladimir Putin: the Ministry of culture has no objection?

Oleg Kuvshinnikov: the Ministry of culture has no objection. A few cities have this status we have is Kirillov, Belozersk, Veliky Ustyug, tot'ma and Vologda does not have such a status. So, if You support us, we are happy to implement this project, save the uniqueness of our capital.

Another project that we decided, in the framework of the Council of State to all our capitals, it was proposed to develop a comprehensive scheme of traffic in large cities. At Vologda we have developed the project of the small ring, in order to derive the transport from the city centre. Now the two existing bridge across the Vologda river not cope with the traffic flow, the transport goes through the Central square, past the St. Sophia Cathedral of the Vologda Kremlin. Therefore, we proceed to design and construction of a new bridge across the Vologda river in the alignment of the street Nekrasov. In December, ending the design, and construction approaches we begin to build a small ring road in the capital. Please support this project. To date, the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation supports us and is ready to allocate us the funds which we will provide within the framework of the Federal project "Development of transport system".

Vladimir Putin: the Volume is large.

Oleg Kuvshinnikov: Here at the first stage the volume will be about 8 billion rubles for the construction of the bridge and construction of approaches, but it's all 2021 th, 2022, 2023, for 4 years we gradually make and Finance including from the regional budget.

Vladimir Putin: Good.

Oleg Kuvshinnikov: And the last question that I wanted to tell You is, of course, our most downloaded road to the Vologda oblast is a Federal highway A114, from Vologda to Cherepovets, 45 thousand cars a day, very hard road, overloaded. So we started to expand to four lanes in 2008-2010, built from Vologda 10 kilometers from Cherepovets was built 8 kilometers. We are now in the district of Sheksna, too, Volgo-Balt, build a bridge and expand 7 kilometers to four lanes. In the end, 24 of the 119 kilometer will be four-lane.

today is ready project documentation for 20 kilometers on the expansion to four lanes and 30 kilometres from Cherepovets in the direction of Sheksna, is also the project documentation is being prepared. All this is in the plans of Rosavtodor. Therefore, today all goes to plan. I would ask Your support for the phased expansion of the infrastructure project.

Vladimir Putin: Good.

Oleg Kuvshinnikov: Mr President, I would like to thank You for your support. Everything I told You, work is carried out in the plan. We need to implement in order for our Vologda oblast was developing dynamically, as the whole country.

Vladimir Putin: I have no doubt. You have in General made some headway, so the results of what has been done so far, talking about the fact that you have available today is also quite realistic, can and should be implemented.