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Who are you? You are not welcome!

Zadolba!whether 09.08.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Hello, "caring" dad!

Tell me if the coffee shop brought the soup is too salty, you inform the waiter and ensure that you have changed the dish, or select the soup by the person sitting at the next table?

No, not taken? Then why are you doing this when instead of soup we are talking about the roads in your city? For starters, this is your city and the tile is placed on your taxes. I could understand your behavior if you, teamed with water-borne comrades in the district, repeatedly wrote to the Council or the mayor's office that the tiles, which began to replace the asphalt in your Park, too inconvenient for carriages, but your complaints over and over again went nowhere. Confess, was it? No? So messed up government, and you, a finger not struck for the sake of her child, forced to take the rap for this cyclists?

It's time. Second, stroller. I have a bike from the category of "broom on wheels." Of cushioning — only the seat cushion to the priest was not sick. Good wheelchairs have steel spring shock absorbers, inflatable wheels, like bicycles, the soft substrate in the cradle and the ability to put a child under the pile of soft things. Why do I get the teeth on the bike is not knock? Maybe you have an old Soviet sidecar, and the new can't afford? Okay, but why is it my problem you didn't know that having children is expensive?

the Third: if you care about the health of your child, it is in your best interest to get away from the bike path. Well, if Park: I know, there are kids running around, dogs etc, and I'll go slowly. But if I'm going to work, especially on the usual route, then I drive fast. For me it's the transport and not children's entertainment. Encountered on my way cyclist is coming too fast, so the distance between us is always reduced slowly enough that I noticed it in time. You with your stroller effect wall, crawled on the track in an unexpected place and create a dangerous situation on the road all around you.

If I turned the corner at a good speed, looking forward to a smooth road without traffic lights and obstacles, and there you are, then I have two options: desperately to slow down or try to avoid. My detour will take them unawares or drivers (which is really dangerous), or innocent pedestrians. Sometimes with one hand and do the border, which I have to quickly climb. Even if I can squeeze past you on the track, it's very likely you will touch your stroller: it has a lot of potential grasping the steering wheel and pedals. Rejoice, if I can't flip it over, and just rock your baby. If I desperately slow and, let's not fly out of the saddle, I will honk and swear behind your back, until you go on the sidewalk. It is necessary to you?

Imagine that the bike is a car. And if your child is dear to you, do not go with a stroller where you would not have gone if we were talking about cars. I want to go on the bike path — please, go at it carefully in places of good visibility and leave as soon as I see on the horizon a Bicycle. We, cyclists, and go on the sidewalk, when there is no choice: braking, skipping and dodging pedestrians. Or better yet, get a stroller that clings to your bike and carry the child in her on the road as much as you want.

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