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Approaching coup of Earth's magnetic field: it will take more time than previously thought

NEWS PLANET 09.08.2019 at 14:26

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Very soon the Earth's Magnetic field will make a revolution. With new discoveries of geologists were able to establish that the process may be longer than originally anticipated, according to the portal PLANETANOVOST.

the Last few years, researchers monitored the potential change of the poles of the magnetic field. This phenomenon occurs every 200-300 thousand years. During this period, the North pole changes places with the South. The last change happened about 780 thousand years ago. This means that very soon a coup happens. Recent research has established that the pole shift can take almost a Millennium.

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who were engaged in the analysis of the sequence of lava flows and sediments in the Antarctic, suggested that the duration of the revolution can reach 22 thousand years.

the Earth's Magnetic field is created using the liquid iron outer core, which rotates around the solid part inside. As a result of dynamic action turns invisible field which passes through the South and North of the Earth and thus surrounds it on all sides.

Some time ago, scientists warned that during the pole shift, the magnetic field can become very weak. Because of this, people and all living things would be too vulnerable to sunlight.