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Review of the film "One day in Hollywood..." Reviews 08.08.2019 at 06:32

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Hollywood on the sunset of their Golden age: lose a popular actor Rick Dalton and his backup and true friend cliff Booth trying to find their place in the changing world of film industry.

the Ninth Tarantino film sends the viewer into a "Golden era" of Hollywood, writes about the fate of a fictional actor Rick Dalton and his stand on cliff booth, two "downed pilots" who are trying to find their place in the changing world of film industry. Once Rick star successful Western series about cowboys "Law of hunting" —promised mountains of gold, and a brilliant acting career, but the times, as audience preferences rapidly changed, resulting in a less popular actor remains nothing how to agree on the most promising prospect to go to Italy to be in there in a second-rate spaghetti westerns. Meanwhile, next door to Rick lives a young couple: a popular film Director Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate.

Despite the clear scene background, a new job, Tarantino — not quite the story of the brutal murder of Polanski's wife and her friends. It's not about the monster Charles Manson and his loyal sectarian "puppies" and not even about the life of Sharon Tate. First and foremost, "Once upon a time in Hollywood" — an ode to cinema, which, obviously, for the former employee of the video store Tarantino is not only the most important of the arts, but also the meaning of life. Unlike other blood-thirsty colleagues, regularly relishes on the screen senseless murder of Sharon Tate, Tarantino is here completely different, so to say, alternative way. Instead of typing the usual speculation about the tragic outcome of the main Hollywood Martyr the Director gives Sharon Tate's "second life", which Tate definitely deserves. Movies are like a separate world, changing the lives of its inhabitants. And in this world, paying tribute to and Tate, and all those films and actors that have created and shaped the present universe of cinema, Tarantino effectively taking revenge against members of the "family" Manson, breaking one powerful kick of their dirty, hairy skull.

Thanks to Tarantino's remember that we all love so much cinema

"Once upon a time in Hollywood" – perhaps the best master of film since pulp Fiction. He and his crew did an amazing job of recreating Hollywood of the 60s. every detail makes you believe you're precisely the time, from radio station that plays in all the machines, and ending with the flyers on benches and posters at bus stops. The Director seemed to have invented a time machine, and as if beckoning whisper in his alternative reality of getting into that are not sham "city of dreams" of the past, and the fact that neither is this elaborate Hollywood of the 60s. For his faithful fans Tarantino has incorporated a picture of the best of everything: a little bit of the spaghetti Western, a strong dialogue in the style of the first two movies and of course outstanding acting.

"Once in Hollywood" from the very beginning was one of the most anticipated films of this year because of the involvement of brad pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. And Tarantino they are the best on-screen couples over the last decade (pitt hasn't looked this cool since "Fight club," and DiCaprio — "the Aviator"). The actors are not squeezed out of these roles, they live them. Not far behind from colleagues and Oscar nominee Robbie, not only is similar to Tate in appearance, but also manages to create a touching image — not a pretty victim, as usual, and a real live person with dreams, in which all ahead. In the alternate reality created by Tarantino, the actress is waiting for a big bright future. To share a moment you manage to do it is to believe, watching her gentle smile in the finals, you want to jump up and applaud like it was at the premiere of the film in Cannes, where the film received a six minute standing ovation.

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