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How it works: mobile refuellers Yandex.Drive

Blog Yandex 09.08.2019 at 07:00

Blog Yandex

Now on the streets of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan more than twelve thousand vehicles Yandex.Drive. Almost all the cars available in the application, tucked the fuel tank enough to reach any point within the zone of completion of the lease, even if it is the other end of the city. In this post we will explain how the Drive runs the car.

In the car-sharing there are two approaches to refueling vehicles. The first approach assumes that refilling a responsible user. If warning light is on, you need to drive to the gas station and refill the fuel. To complete the rental with an empty tank it is impossible: for it can be fined. This approach is useful to carsharing, but not very convenient to users who have to spend time refueling.

Alina Kovalevich,

head of service fuel delivery:

One of the popular scenarios of usage of car-sharing — short trips in the city centre where Parking is expensive. At the same time to refuel the car in the center — the whole quest. For example, in Moscow within the Garden ring only one functioning gas station, on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment. If you go from the center in search of gasoline, the trip, which in normal circumstances would take a maximum of 10-15 minutes can take half an hour or more.

In the Yandex.The drive uses the second approach, when the responsibility for filling assumes carsharing service. Fines for an empty tank to Drive there. If the machine after the lease was left with little petrol, the fuel will fill up gas service. The user who rents the car next will have a fueled car. A visit to the gas station may be required only in one case: when you take the car for long trips, for example in the region.

Tankers on the outside and inside

Mobile refuellers working at Yandex.Drive since the launch of the service. First refueling was performed by an external company — she served only part of the Park. Last summer I bought a gas Drive service "Fuel tank" and on its basis has created a self-service delivery of fuel.

Gasoline cars Yandex.Drive bring mobile refuellers. They are a little like a giant orange trucks that can be found on the roads. The tanker maintains the cars parked on-street Parking and yards, so it needs to be compact and maneuverable. This role is ideal city vans: Citroën Berlingo, Lada Largus, Renault Dokker, the Volkswagen Caddy. For the small size they are called "benthological".

the Drive used minivans in the cargo version — instead of the back seats they have a compartment for the carriage of goods. In the compartment mounted fuel tank, 330 litres.

Alina Kovalevich,

head of service fuel delivery:

Gasoline is considered a hazardous cargo, but only if its more than 333 litres. Dangerous goods are transported according to special rules: it is necessary to equip the machine with warning signs and flashing lights and agreed a route with the traffic police. Our refueling tank less, so these rules do not apply. They can ride around town like a normal car.

Bowser gasoline transported with all precautions. In addition to the mandatory fire extinguisher in each car there are traps with which you can quickly collect the spilled fuel. The system of storage and fuel supply are designed to minimize the likelihood of leakage. Drivers refuellers undergo regular training in fire safety. Of course, it is strictly prohibited to smoke not only in the car, and within 15 meters from him. Those who violated the prohibition, immediately break up.

How is the gas station

Yandex.Drive: the story of one machine

All technical and Drive use a special service application. It contains a variety of information about karteninhaber cars. Service refills using the app monitors the level of fuel in the cars. Data comes from sensors in the tank and are updated in real-time.

If the car needs refueling, the tanker and to reserve it through the service application. While the reservation is valid, the machine becomes unavailable to users. The maximum period for reservation is one hour. During this time, "benzomatic" to get to the car and pour in the fuel. In fact, the tankers are driven much faster: in one hour they manage to fill not one but several machines. When refueling is completed, the reservation is removed.

Alina Kovalevich,

head of service fuel delivery:

the hardest part of the job of driver mobile refueler Parking. You need to put the car so that, on the one hand, not to interfere with the movement, and on the other, easily to refuel. Among our many former drivers transport couriers: not only do they know the city well, but also know how to Park correctly even in difficult road conditions.

to drive to refuel the car close necessarily. Hose length mobile refueler — 10-12 meters. The hose is wound on a spool, much like the wiring of a household cleaner. Even if the tanker is standing some distance away, the driver can always pull the hose and fill the car.

Mobile refuellers restock of gasoline at city gas stations, with which Yandex.Drive contract. Service of refilling constantly monitors fuel quality. It is confirmed by documents and certificates — provide them gas stations — as well as their own checks. Many cars Drive, refuel 92-m gasoline, but in fact used the 95th — to extend the life of machines. The premium cars pour 98th.

the People and algorithms

To "benzomatic" per unit time could fill as many cars as possible, you need to lay an optimum route. The algorithm, which builds routes that takes into account dozens of factors. It is not only congestion, but also the location of vehicles, fuel level, demand and so on.

All drivers refuellers before you begin, learn the online course. Then they work out knowledge in practice: learning to Park and refuel vehicles at the training ground. After that the driver trainee is sent on a change with a colleague experienced: first, watching him work, and then he runs the machines under his supervision.

Alina Kovalevich,

head of service fuel delivery:

In the beginning, we thought that the filling process is obvious and it is not complicated — say, the tankers will understand this better. Over time, it turned out that no system in the actions of the drivers there: every time they ran the car in different ways, fussed and generally did a lot of unnecessary movements.

to understand, we invited the drivers to the training ground and asked to simulate the filling: to drive, to Park, insert the hose, and so on. The whole process was videotaped and timed. So we found out that some drivers spend at the gas station ten minutes and even more.

then we analyzed the records and I sat down to develop a step-by-step instruction. It clearly describes what actions and in what sequence need do. Due to the user managed to reduce the time of filling up to two minutes and increase the daily amount of gas stations from 75 to 140.

Now in the service of fuel delivery work 30 mobile tankers. They deliver gasoline to the entire vehicle fleet and perform for a month about 120 thousand gas stations. At any point in time the entire Park, a Drive in which more than twelve thousand cars, have a maximum of five nezapravlenny cars — and they will pour fuel in an hour. This means that the user, when choosing a car, always can be sure that any car is fueled and ready to ride.

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