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Advisor Lucky Grid mesh for AUDUSD

Portal Forex trader 06.08.2019 at 00:30

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In trading, as in life, is often decided by the specialty. Professional surgeons earn more than General practitioners, IT companies are not engaged in restaurants etc.

Well, traders often spetsializiruyutsya one tool, one setup, one strategy. But I know her perfectly. Does the same approach have robots ?

Today it will be Lucky on the EA Grid. This robot is notable for the fact that is designed to trade only one currency pair — the "Aussie" AUDUSD. Lucky Grid shows a good performance for a long time as the tester and the monitor without changing the settings, and it is not a prohibitively complex system, but simply a good combination of indicators and order grid. Let's see what he has "under the hood".

the Characteristics of the EA

Platform: Metatrader 4

the Advisor Version: 1.0

Currency pair: AUDUSD

Timeframe: H1

operating Time: round the clock

Recommended brokers : Forex4You, RoboForex, Exness

help on installation

Advisor installed as usual. If you first encountered robots in the Forex and you have a lot of questions — download and watch course Forex on Autopilot.

Attention! Since the EA is potentially dangerous, be sure to read the article on the basic principles of trading robots, are based on averaging.

the policy of the adviser

the Lucky Grid Adviser uses a strategy of averaging positions. Using a combination of standard indicators (the standard indicators are those that are built into Metatrader 4 platform, this robot is MACD, RSI and Moving average) is chosen by suitable (according to the "opinion" of the adviser) place of entrance, opens the first order.

Then, if the quotes are not in the direction of take profit, built a grid of orders with the same lot size and in steps of 200 five-digit points.

For each order in the grid exposed their personal values, take profit and stop loss. However, the order grid "collapses" in the rollback of quotations in the direction of the profit of the whole group of unidirectional orders at one point, the EA locks profit.

the EA has settings money management, stops, profit orders in the grid and other input values.

the back tests the EA

Tests made with this program Tick Data Suite on Dukascopy, the spread of a real variable.

Testing fixed lot:

Lucky Grid 2010-2019 H1 0.1 lot AUDUSD

let us Consider the results for each month:

the test Results with a fixed lot of very good

Testing proportional to lot:

Lucky Grid 2010-2019 H1 MM 0.02 AUDUSD

the test Results proportional to the lot is also good, suitable for overclocking of the Deposit

let us Consider testing results for each month.

the consideration of the results of testing fixed lot pay attention to the monthly profit.

the consideration of the results of testing the proportional lot looking at the monthly growth percentage.

the Results of monthly tests confirm the reliability and profitability of the Advisor.

Independent monitoring Advisor "Lucky Grid"

In monitoring the pair is trading AUDUSD, previously also been trading on EURCHF

Description settings

MoneyM — specifies the item to trade in percents of the Deposit;

Manual_Lot — sets a fixed lot to trade;

TakeProfit — take profit in 5 digit pips;

StopLoss — stop loss in the 5-digit pips;

Broker_GMT — time shift broker GMT;

MagicNumber — magic orders;

X4 is an internal parameter of the robot;

rsi_period — the RSI period (see "Strategy adviser").

the Recommended money management

Based on the test results, it is recommended that the proportional risk no more MoneyM=0.02 for offer to trade a pair (AUDUSD).

To trade fixed lots, it is recommended not less than 500 currency units per lot 0.01. For clarity, see table below.

account Type Minimum lot and lot step Min. initial Deposit Examples Brokers Sent (with mini-lots) 0.01 to$ 5 (500 cents) Forex4you 0.1 Cent To $50 Roboforex Standard 0.01 $500 Alpari Pro-account 0.10 $5000 Exness Results

EA Lucky Grid is a simple but profitable robot grid type, which has reliable protection against "discharge" by requiring the use of stops. The EA shows itself well on the tests and proves its reliability work on real accounts traders.

Important !!!

For correct operation of the EA, the trading terminal must be enabled with the opening of the market on Sunday evening to the closing on Friday evening. If you are not able to keep the computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use a VPS server .

Download Lucky the EA Grid

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