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Observations karmadonskom visitors.

Relevant Posts — 09.08.2019 at 14:50

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When the ascent of the Kazbek from the North, from Russia, and when returning from it,

climbers always will be a very nice bonus -

swimming in the hot springs Karmadonskom

(or "top of the baths" as they are called).

However, these sources are not only thermal,

but also highly mineralized,

, and therefore the local population can also be used in medical purposes.

this is still and has long been used and recognized as the people's resort.

Here I am, visiting has repeatedly blessed this area of the mountain nature

when you walking on the Kazbek (last time I was up in 2016) and in his district,

when occasionally soaking in a warm "bath", I thought -

not to come is there anything here for a longer time

and pass in full the rate of prophylactic measures?

And that time came very recently, in July 2019.

As time began to appear different accumulated joint and muscle ailments,

and therapeutic effect of mineral springs would be helpful.