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The legal counsel of the United States at the end of the meeting on 10 August may repeat the fate of the Russians Butynol

Latest news / 11.08.2019 at 19:16

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Detention for an illegal March in Moscow a citizen of the United States, advising as "beat the police" - right move of the security forces. About that BAFS "the Economy today" said state Duma Deputy Viktor Vodolatsky.

the participants of the rally on August 10 in Moscow, Anton Tsaplin published "Vkontakte" message, as was found for stocks with juristconsult USA. According to him, he found himself in the paddy wagon, while "staring at a crowd of protesters". With him in spetsavto was a US citizen Tatiana Brannick - this was evidenced by her U.S. passport. She advised the detainees of "how to fool cops": the right answer to the police and filed a report - Tsaplin caught it on video. "By the way, helped - release", - he wrote.

"This episode clearly proves that the protest was planned carefully in advance, including abroad, - said the Deputy of the state Duma. - Initially, candidates to the Moscow city Duma from the non-systemic opposition is deliberately presented to the Central election Commission fake signatures in their favor, thereby achieving the withdrawal of its candidates. It gave them the reason for the protests and organizing rallies that we see for the third weekend in a row. And shares themselves are also carefully reiseroute.

during the campaign, we have seen specially trained people to coordinate the moods and actions of the protesters. Others have raised clearly provocative posters and attempted to violate public order. And people like American citizen, in turn, performed the role meted out to them - sought to detainees the boor was again part of the crowd and was able to participate in the planned riots. This is an unprecedented interference in the internal Affairs of Russia".

open intervention

last week, the Russian foreign Ministry said that during the rally on August 3 in Moscow the West has made a blatant interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. So, on the website of the German media Deutsche Welle and Twitter American Consulate has information about the illegal rally of supporters of Navalny. Thus, the representatives of other States has clearly demonstrated support for illegal action, which could lead to destabilization of the situation in Moscow.

Detained counsel were in possession of the passport of the citizen of the United States

the Representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called Washington's actions "a phenomenal blow out." "Even before Saturday's rallies, the U.S. Embassy was actively involved in this activity in a closed format and the open. Section of the US state Department and the Embassy in Moscow has published the route of "walking", which was a Saturday. Moreover, the route has been minutely mapped. And most of the information called for people to connect to this event," she said.

"we All know how the US unless special reasons delay Russian citizens and have many years of investigations, under which there is no basis and evidence. In the end, our fellow citizens sitting for years in American prisons, despite all the efforts of Russian diplomats to release them. And here we see how the citizen of the USA openly involved in political rallies in Moscow - such incidents should not remain without reaction. And it's not even the expulsion and locking of the visa.

the Woman with an American passport deliberately sought arrest to advise offenders as to evade responsibility. It is interference in the internal political processes of Russia and the USA the Russians imprisoned for far less. Such foreign residents should be subject to strict liability and go to jail - only in this case, foreign intelligence agencies will understand that it is impossible to send their employees to actively participate in events organized by the Russian so-called opposition, " - emphasizes the MP.

Mirror response

on 9 August, the Federation Council held a meeting of the working group of the Interim Commission for the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Parliamentarians stated in the protest on July 27 and August 3 marked the unquestionable influence of external forces contributing to the destabilization of the situation in Russia. In may, the senators pointed out: foreign players may use elections in Moscow to intervene. The forecast was justified.

the Head of the legal Department of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Artur Zabulonov at the meeting of the Commission of the Federation Council declared that the prosecutors will stop the activity of the organizers and participants of illegal actions during the elections. And supervisors focused "on the immediate response to the violations of the rights of citizens." The members of the Commission proposed tougher sanctions for participating in the riots. It was said: it is necessary to make clear that it is possible to get a serious punishment.

"the organizers of the rally are not working in the interests of Russia, and controlled by the West - these chains are clearly seen sane people. That is why 75% of Muscovites called for harsh actions of the security forces in similar protests - riots don't need anyone. But we see the US and its satellites do not intend to leave Russia alone. They see that the country is able to transcend their sanctions, and therefore, you need to create hotbeds of tension in the country.

This, of course, need to counter, but strictly within the law. Thus it is necessary to erect barriers such planned actions. Need puppeteers realized that from now on to get rid of the administrative detention for five days did not succeed - they go after this "punishment" heroes replenish their Bank accounts in round sums. When in front of these people can see a real long sentences, the situation in Russia will go back to normal," concludes Victor Vodolatsky.