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How to make a sacrifice (Kurban)

World news - VSESMI.RU 11.08.2019 at 16:05

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Islamic pravomochny Hajiyev al-Inchydoney animals suitable for sacrifice Of animals for the Eid sacrifice camels, cattle and small cattle. That is, in the opinion of the four madhhabs of Pets to sacrifice is only permitted these animals. Camel or cattle can be sacrificed for seven persons, and small cattle to the slaughter for only one person. According to Abdullah Ibn Abbas, the Sunnah is to sacrifice any pet, even if it is hen or rooster. Therefore, people who have no ability to sacrifice a camel, cattle or small cattle, it would be better to follow his opinion, to make a sacrifice, stabbing cock, chicken, duck, goose, Turkey. ("Bogatu al-mustarshid" on page 422; "Sharh al-Marus", p. 203). Bajuri says that his Sheikh had advised the poor, following Ibn Abbas, cut to Kurban at least a chicken or rooster, he also said they were suitable for the ceremony ‘akika. The age of the sacrificial animal is the Camel, which sacrificed for Kurban must be pathogenesis.