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The best that can be in the heart of the Russian people! - all - popular 12.08.2019 at 07:03 80 years on the Internet


said Earlier, the pioneer all the guys example. In our time, new heroes, now the biker example of all the guys. At least, so says Putin:

— I Want to say that this is a very good initiative. You have a wonderful tradition associated with maintaining all the very best that can be in the heart of the Russian people related to our wonderful, heroic story. I am very pleased that such a courageous, tough guys set an example to the young people in our country and show them how to treat Russia.

everywhere we see the machinations of Russophobia. But if the Russophobes exist, one of the most prominent Russophobes this is just Putin, believes that young Russian people should take the example of a drunk and dirty Gopnik.

I even do not understand this Putin's love for the bikers. Bikers are not very popular in Russia, and demonstration of love to them is unlikely to improve Putin's rating. Apparently, it comes from the soul, socially close to him like drunks.

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