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Skimming ATMs-"werewolves" and too responsive to the local: how not to lose money in trips themes of the day 07.08.2019 at 05:12

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To Lose money because of someone's illegal actions is always unpleasant, and to get into such a situation on a foreign trip — twice. Tell how to protect your finances from fraud.

the ATM-"werewolves" and how to recognize them

According to Raiffeisenbank, recently there has been a reduction in the volume of fraud using counterfeit cards in Russia and abroad (in 2018, a decline of 3% compared to the previous year, and in 2019 — 73%). The number of cases of loss and theft of cards in 2018 was 28% more.

"Now the main danger that can be encountered in a trip abroad, is the theft of card, including with the use of the "Lebanese loop" — a special device that holds the card in the machine and allows it to come back," says the head of the center for operational service of Raiffeisenbank Marina Kabirov.

That is to lose the map, not only if it was pulled out of his pocket, but using the ATM. But how to identify the ATM-"werewolf"?

"Make transactions at ATMs in safe places: in public institutions, departments of banks, airports, and so on — suggests the head of fraud monitoring MTS-Bank Pavel Fetisov. — Before using the ATM, inspect it for the presence of suspicious devices not corresponding to its configuration and of the location of the input PIN and the connector, which is designed for receiving cards (invoice PIN-keyboard, mini camera). If you are alarmed, it is recommended to abandon the use of that ATM and report your suspicion to the Bank's employees at the telephone number listed on the ATM".

what to look for when inspecting the ATM? Experts Positive Technologies suggest:

note that, how to construct the reader. Scammers usually paste special pads skimmer that intercept card data. Such overlays may look like part of the ATM, but they are usually very loose. If you see or feel to the touch that ATM is killing detail in the center compartment, which is inserted into the card — look for another ATM. Look for an ATM with the "wings" on the keyboard: cameras intruders are more difficult to write the PIN with the "inspired" PINpad. Inserting the PIN, make sure that close to you nobody, and feel free to cover PINpad hand. Choose the ATM with NFC (contactless data transfer): these can be found in almost any major city in Europe and the United States. The attackers in the mass are not yet ready to work with skimming in the NFC (although one exists) and more focused on the simplest ways to profit.

the press service of home Credit Bank's advise to immediately contact the credit organization, if you something happened, so you don't give the fraudsters time to steal her money.

by the Way, in some countries it is possible to obtain cash without using an ATM. For example, the U.S. extended the service "purchase results". Pay for the goods at the checkout card and ask to take her some cash. The seller will charge the card the amount of the purchase and the required amount of cash, then the cash is giving to you. Comfortable and not have to stand in a queue to the ATM, which also is not credible. "If you want to take this opportunity to ask in advance whether your Bank has such a function as a purchase with the results (especially in foreign currency)", — suggest in Positive Technologies.

Never give card unknown

whatever the customs of the country and no matter how hampered by the language barrier, in any case we cannot allow a situation where your card falls into the wrong hands. Often, seeing the confusion of a foreign citizen, the local can offer assistance in paying for purchases or withdrawing money at an ATM. "Don't listen to the advice of third parties and do not accept their assistance when carrying out transactions with the Bank card in ATMs. It can be very dangerous!" — says Pavel Fetisov. After all, taking possession of your card, voluntary "assistant" can steal it, and not the fact that you can get him. And may be more "advanced" and copy the data card.

"One of the main threats that may lie in wait for Russians abroad, is the skimmers (when using a special device reads the card and create a copy), says technical Director Qrator Labs Artem Gavrichenkov, noting that in Russia this type of fraud is not yet so widespread. — Therefore, Bank customers need to be very cautious and careful about where they put their card in a similar way, the fraudsters can steal your card details and then cash".

And sometimes people are just held hostage to the customs of a particular country. According to Artem Gavrichenkov, a person coming from Russia to the U.S. often faced with the fact that the rules of use of payment cards in the United States is far from ideal. For example, the waiter will not bring the customer the payment terminal. Instead, he takes the card will rewrite data and return. This is done in order so you can write off a tip in a separate transaction. For US this is a normal policy because in the event of a suspicious transaction on the basis of these data the Bank at the first request can return the money. Unfortunately, this purely American story may not work against cards of Russian tourists. Therefore, our travelers are recommended to have to pay a separate travel card and transfer to it funds sufficient to pay for all the necessary accounts, but not too big that it can easily survive its loss in case of fraud.

Left without communication — remained without money!

There is another serious danger when traveling abroad. Artem Gavrichenkov emphasizes that, if for some reason the user has enough money on the account of the mobile phone, the operator can disable him roaming, and return it without the assistance of a technical specialist the client is not able: usually the phone is just not working prior to arrival in another country. As a consequence, the subscriber will no longer receive incoming calls, but most importantly — not getting the TEXT messages, including messages from the Bank with one-time passwords, confirming the transaction.

it Becomes impossible to implement online shopping and any operation that requires confirmation by SMS. Most worryingly, if the Bank suspects the fraud (and suspicious can be considered, for example, the operation conducted in the country of residence of the client) and communicate with the client, he will not succeed, then the card will be blocked until the reasons. Even if you contact the Bank succeed, not the fact that he will be willing to give control to the user account of the caller from an unknown number.

In this case, it is recommended to have sufficient funds in your mobile account and a certain amount of cash. Regardless of whether a person cash, it is recommended to bring at least two plastic cards of different banks

Not all countries are equally technologically advanced

somehow in our country it is accepted that we are lagging behind in terms of technology. Although from the point of view of the introduction of new payment methods and digitalization in General we are ahead of many countries. So, when traveling, be aware of the characteristics of the country where you plan to visit. According to Positive Technologies, the vendors in Japan, accepting payment cards, sometimes use a magnetic strip as well as in several countries of South-East Asia. In Thailand, for example, the seller may really wonder what a map is, you can not only pass through the magnetic stripe reader, but also insert into another compartment of the terminal for reading information from the chip.

If the terminal allows you to use the chip, try to convince the merchant to insert the card into the reader. If will not work — use the map with the set limit. The habit of using the magnetic stripe to confirm the payment is still preserved in Canada, and in many cities in the U.S. and Latin America. If the terminal doesn't accept chip and NFC, will always help Samsung Pay, because it emulates the magnetic strip and will work in most terminals in these regions. Owners of iPhones in this sense is not so lucky.

by the Way, about how fast our country survive the new technology. Russians have long been accustomed to paying with a smartphone is quick, convenient and efficient. However, in many countries you will not understand if you pulled the phone to the payment terminal. In the New world the old-fashioned way.

For example, in the United States may be asked to leave the signature on the display of the payment terminal as confirmation of payment — for Russia is almost unknown. These features are also worth considering, when traveling.

Memo to a rest Before the trip, notify your Bank (through call center or mobile app) that, where and for how long you are going. Otherwise, the Bank can calculate your erroneous operation and to block the card for the best of reasons: the modern anti-fraud systems make it often quickly and decisively, the client is likely to remain in General without money. Do not use ATMs that look suspicious or installed in the wilderness. Do not give your Bank card into the hands of strangers, even if they really insist on it. Going on a trip, take several cards of different banks and a certain amount of cash, do not ignore mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Keep the card separate from the cash — even if something happens to one of the payment means, you still have alternatives. Subscribe before departure by SMS or push notifications about transactions on the card, this will allow you to monitor the write-off of money in restaurants and shops and time to prevent fraud or error. Don't forget to replenish the account of mobile, not to be left without when abroad. Always keep receipts when paying by card at the point of sale, — in case of wrong debiting of money from the card upon returning home, you can always confirm the exact amount of the transaction. If you try to pay by credit card was a "fail" operation, you should save one copy of receipt issued by the terminal for verifying the absence of the specified operation in the Bank account statements. If the ATM does not "let go" card or it is stolen, immediately lock it with a call to the Bank or through the mobile app. Upon returning home, change the pins used for boundary maps.