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The website on 16 articles

SEO blog — 9 SEO.RU 09.08.2019 at 08:55

Blog about SEO, web skills, Internet earnings

I just Wanted to share the experience. I talk about creating a site which has invested more than 1 million, where more than 1,200 articles. Now let's talk about a few smaller sites.

This kind of experimentation with websites. Filled — left, watching the First will be the small site.


— published 16 articles. The article is not the best quality (in my estimation — averages).

Article published with 02.04.2018 to 08.05.2018. That is the site of approximately 16 months.

— Theme: medicine.

— WordPress, template-Root plugin Clearfy Pro, everything is configured (robots.txt etc.).

— No extra value, only a few of the headings and articles.

— Have links at the bottom of the text to other articles.

— the Link to the site: 0 (do not purchase).


Yandex — 28 results. It was more (about 50), as the index fell all the headings and some page. Spat out with time.

In Google — 20 results.

the Traffic all the time

That is, the traffic you can say no. Zero, a complete zero .

In the "old" days, even 16 articles to give some traffic, but alas, not in our time. Now we need a lot more articles in major niches.

the Site was purchased as plugs have a student who is disappointed in these results (thought that even small efforts will give exhaust).

the website I bought, wanted to fill in the future, but was disappointed in niche. (That Google that Google specifically click medicine, and in the future will be even worse. So I gave up honey. sites).

It was a bad experience, wasted time and money. Costs everyone can roughly estimate (.com domain, hosting, articles 16 + paid theme and plugin).

thank you All for your attention. The following website, which will tell you have 100 articles. Subscribe

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