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The anecdote about the band on stage

Pectrum 12.08.2019 at 12:09

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Plays rock band on stage. All give the crowd goes crazy. Everything is going fine, but at some point, the singer realizes that the further words of the song he just flew out of my head. Well, I think we need to get out somehow. And just as a guitarist plays a solo, he is trying to behave more relaxed, suited to the bass player and asks him if he remembers the words. Bassist says he does not remember. Then he moves to the keyboard player and asks him the same question. The keyboardist asks:— And what is the verse?— Third.— No, sorry, don't remember.Solo is over, soon we must sing. The singer already quite in desperation, ran up to the drummer and shouts in his ear:— I don't remember what's next, words?!— Words?!— Yes! And what's the song?!

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