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METALLICA frontman defends the album "...And Justice For All": "We wanted to create a record with the best sound that is possible,"

Music news : 12.08.2019 at 04:22

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James Hetfield defended the sound of the album METALLICA "...And Justice For All," saying that he and his band mates just "wanted to create a record with the best sound imaginable".

Despite the fact that "...And Justice For All" is considered one of the classic discs of METALLICA, the album has been criticized since its release in 1988, due to the complete lack of bass guitar on the recording. Party Jason and Newsted'but simply got lost in the mix and many fans believe that this is the fault of the drummer, Lars Ulrich, who had their own idea of how the album should sound like drums.

On a question of METALLICA fanzine "So What!" about what Jason did to him or Lars have about that bass in the mix sounded quieter than he expected, Hetfield said:

"Probably, Yes. I don't know what I answered him, but the deed was done. I mean, it wasn't something like: "fuck it. Zadvinie it back." This certainly was not. We wanted to create a record with the best sound imaginable. That was our goal. We then just burned out. We just fried to hell. One thing after another [tour and recording a new album]. Played concerts. Without earplugs, no nothing. You're back in the Studio, and your ears like he was on fire. If they don't hear the treble, you're just twisting them to the maximum. So we all raised and raised high frequencies, and low suddenly just disappeared. So I know that this played a role, and not any bad feelings for Jason and that's for sure. We just burned out at the shows."

Hetfield also spoke about the criticism METALLICA from one of the sound engineers "...And Justice For All" Steve Thompson. In interview 2015 for Ultimate Guitar Thompson suggested that the main culprit for the lack of bass on the recording was Ulrich, arguing that Lars wanted the drums to sound a certain way — even if this would cut all the bass.

James explained:

"We wanted to make it sound tight. We wanted to make it sound fucking tight. We wanted the drums, the guitar, to all this came forward and beat face. And it seemed to us that we have achieved this. And, you know, we then understand how we want to sound. We asked to take the remote and do it? No. We ask people to do it and they do it. So that [Thompson] has done its work. He has nothing to apologize for and nobody to point the finger. And nothing to blame anyone. This is part of art. It happened and it happened like this for a reason. For the reasons which we have just mentioned. We burned. We toured, we played concerts, we burned your ears. We don't sleep. He doesn't need to defend themselves. He became part of the great albums in history, so I think he need something more forgiving to myself".

James once again spoke out against proposals to re-mix the "...And Justice For All" to the contribution Newsted'and became more noticeable:

"All these [conversations on the bass party] is a thing of the past, anyway who cares, damn it? Why bother to change it? Why change the story? Why for no reason add there bass? The bass is there and so is, but why make a new mix? You can certainly do that but why make a new mix for something, and do it with something else? It will be something like... I don't know. Not that I'm comparing us with the Mona Lisa, but it's something like: "Hmm, maybe we'll make it so she smiled a little bit better?! What for?!""

In the interview of the year for Decibel magazine METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett has tried to explain the lack of bass on "...And Justice For All", stating:

"the Reason why it is impossible to properly hear the bass, is that bass frequencies in Jason and the party seemed to coincide with the sound that James was trying to make her rhythm guitar, and every time both parties were mixed with each other, and so could not be. The only thing left is to drown out the bass in the mix. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, this album is known by the absence of a pronounced bass line. It was also an experiment — we fully intended to dry, beating in the face sound, and some people really like that kind of sound. Many groups, especially the new generation, I think that album sounds great. But in any case it was an experiment, and I'm not sure actually if he was a hundred percent successful, but this album its unique sound."

In an interview for Ultimate Guitar Thompson said that he had to speak because he's tired of being constantly accused of lack of bass on the record:

"We arrived there [at the induction ceremony of METALLICA in the Hall of fame rock-n-roll in 2009] and I sit with Lars ohms. And then he asks me: "Hey, what happened to the bass on "Justice"?" He really asked me that. I wanted to knock him right on the spot. It is extremely frustrating that I eventually poured all this shit for the lack of bass".

Himself Ulrich told The Pulse Of Radio that fans very much and many complained about the sound at the time of its release:

"It was unbelievable, you know. "...And Justice For All"... the People said, "This is the worst by the sound of the album, where the bass? It sounds like it was recorded in the garage", and... But, Hey, you do what you can in the moment, and move on." #Metallica #ModernRock #Modern_Rock #AvantgardeRock #Avantgarde_Rock #HeavyMetal #Heavy_Metal #SymphonicMetal #Symphonic_Metal #ThrashMetal #Thrash_Metal

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