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The election brought down the Argentine exchange

View 13.08.2019 at 02:10

Business newspaper "Sight"

On the background of the outcome of the preliminary vote before the election in Argentina, the leading index Merval, the Argentine stock exchange fell by a record 37,93% and the peso by nearly 30%, report news agencies.

the Index fell to 27529,38 paragraph, RIA "Novosti".

the Number of Argentine banks dramatically lowered the peso to the dollar. After some time, the peso has played a collapse, but a drop of 20% was the sharpest and strongest in 10 years.

on 11 August in Argentina passed a preliminary vote (primaries), which allows you to judge which political force will win the October presidential elections.

the incumbent Coalition "Together for changes" only gained from 32.08% of the votes, while the opposition Alliance "Front for all" – 47,65%.