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Natalia Korneva: what wine choice says about your health Breaking news 13.08.2019 at 16:09

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The use Of wine in reasonable, of course, doses written a lot. Most importantly, the drink was quality. Parapsychologist Natalia Koneva recently visited a new wine restaurant Gavi. Here in quality products no doubt. At the highest level and meals and drinks.

"Great was the reception on the occasion of the opening. More than two hundred guests, among whom it was nice to see his good friends, told about the event Natalia Korneva. - The music program of the evening was opened by singer Inna Steel, widely known for her work in the cult project "Micah and Jumanji". We also enjoyed the performance of the finalists of the show "the Voice": Victor Balan, Oleg Sidorov, Anastasia Belyavskaya, were special guests – Dmitry Noskov and Vladimir Brilev. Liked the vocal-instrumental ensemble Pavel Ukhanov and "GarmonDrive". Came on the scene Teresa Duro, Anastasia Polovneva (Neonova), Kamilla Lysenko, Savanna, Margot Ovsyannikova, Dari Black, Sergey Doroshenko and rapper NJohn Nagyrnovgolosami".

In General, the atmosphere in the refined interiors of the Baroque main hall was hot. Of course, speaking about the event, not to mention the gourmet treats from the brand-chef Roman Kotelnik. For drinks were answered by renowned sommelier Alexei Krasnoshchekov. By the way, what color wine do you prefer? Natalia Koneva claims that red gives you more energy, and white promotes relaxation. So if you periodically pull on the red, maybe your body is exhausted. "In this case I would recommend to check the blood and find out whether enough in its composition iron," said the parapsychologist.