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Scientists mistakenly believe that eggs can be removed from the diet — All the top news here! 07.08.2019 at 10:29

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Academic workers from Chicago performed 6 studies, the result what became clear is that the consumption of eggs negatively has a great influence on the cardiovascular concept and overall on the human body.

They explain the significant occurrence of cholesterol in them, as well as the result of a blockage


Indeed, in egg yolks is a large amount of cholesterol. However, the yellow protein is able almost entirely to counteract a large share of likely secondary results from use cholesterol.

the thus because there is a huge number of vitamins also minerals, not receiving them, have all chances to be difficulties with health.

So in fact the experts did not more precisely defined, and in what place to take the protein, in case of refusal of the eggs. Undoubtedly, the fact that they incorrectly believe that eggs may be removed from the menu.

After all, including nutritionists not once talked about it, the fact that the menu person must be 1-2 eggs in the period.

However, people with heart problems also patients obesity really need to care to eat eggs, as well as other foods including cholesterol.