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The way to a man's heart depends on the sign of the Zodiac — All the top news here! 08.08.2019 at 09:02

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For a thousand-year history of the people, the representatives of the stronger sex believe that girls are subject to some mystery, with the support of which they so fascinate... Not debating this, then that, ladies actually — there is mystery, it is necessary to define more precisely. As the starry sky has the potential clearer than a crystal ball and the Tarot to describe the nature of any symbol of the Zodiac. Having similar values, absolutely definitely, will make everyone's heart.


Shipped in custody (individual enrichment, the search for the philosophical stone, the liberation of the mountains of the moon), this symbol has the need for reliable assistant also individual psychologist. Love in his nature is based on something huge, rather than hormones or magic dictates of the heart. For This Reason, the girl required to begin to live its existence in detail, to praise his deeds and thoughts, to support the fact that he is without exception, will be able...


there is a need to be the knight to bear on the handles, to admire, to care... Is a volcanic Othello, so that you should keep in mind the gap without reconciliation of this character soon. His lover obliged to be sensitive and romantic, weak (in anything) is also having (despite the b in its observations) to be protected. Also Sagittarius does not mind if brand the entire society is — hard, cold, independent lady. For the conquest of his heart with him, she is obliged to transform itself into a timid antelope.


the character believes love is one of the amazing things also due to the fact — could not accept it does not the shadow of a lie. He wants to figure out which girlfriend without make-up also in the sorrows of everyday life, but not in the diversity vozduho-wind dates. To him it is important to understand that a respectable opinion, he also contradicts his own.