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Do I need to uproot the trees? :.: Article 13.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Baba Galya lived. Like the city she had some relatives, but was in no hurry to recall the rustic roots, which, moreover, are not eager to provide urban fresh vegetables and fruits directly from your garden, and even wonderful, finger-pushed sausages made rural labor handles their own horn. In General, relatives of Baba Galya relationship is not supported and considered himself an orphan. Her loneliness brightened a black cat named Bagheera after the famous Rudyard Kipling's Panther. By the way, Bagheera, not only the color, but the character was absolutely panteri. Thick and important, she often sat on the porch, surveying the street and looking intently at passing neighbors. From Golden cat opinion people shuddered and quickened the pace. Bagira lived with Baba Galya from time immemorial has already been forty years or so — ever since then, when her husband Baba Gali decided that the youth of his passes, and he's still in the same village, and out one morning for cigarettes, taking all the family savings, and never returned, leaving his wife a widow straw. Then Baba Galya — if not a woman, and Jackdaw-grass widow — and got Bagheera. The neighbors claimed that Bagheera Baba Gali change periodically: when it comes time to leave for the moonlight, one cat after another, so sometimes Bagheera dramatically loses weight and then re-gaining fat on the sides. But Baba Galya truly believes that Bagira she is still the same, which she personally picked up in the gutter a tiny kitten and nursed from a bottle. Not counting the forty cats, the rest of Baba Galya lived, like all the other inhabitants of the village. Only now, instead of vegetables, it is preferred to grow flowers, but not on the beds, and where necessary, and her whole small area was continuous flowering meadow, from the point of view of the neighbors were a bit strange. But one strange thing more, one less... who cares if these oddities do not interfere with anyone. So life-and-rolled — not enough and on the usual track, already razyezzheye and many other such broken lives scattered here and there along the roadsides. But one day around the house Baba Ghali appeared Rostock. First, a small, and nobody noticed him in the flowery grass, but sprout stubbornly drawn up, and a couple of years all saw it — a tree. The neighbors immediately recognized him as some kind of pest, which takes the sun and the light of the cultural fruit trees. Moreover, this pest is growing scary fast, and grows just surprisingly. — We need to uproot — advised the woman Gal. 'No,' she snapped. And this tree plenty of space. Look at me how many earth walks. — Well plant a fruit tree or a there pear, plum, finally! — said the neighbors. — And weed-why? — It pleases me, said the Baba Galya, Reaffirming once again its strangeness. Again, shade in the summer will be Sunny days. Use. Neighbors and retreated, shaking his finger at his temple. And what to take with grandmother, which her husband had left a hundred years ago, and it is, moreover, believes that cats live the same as people. Next spring the village was amazed that the tree bloomed. And not some small obscure flowers, usually blooming weeds and paradajky and luxurious pink flowers. It became evident that the breed of this tree were all wrong. And indeed, when fruits appeared, the village was even more surprised — in a tree with grapes hanging apricots. — Yes, where the apricots in our climate? exclaimed rural realists. — Yes, he was supposed to freeze solid in the first winter! — Well, it says here that the apricot of these... from the plum... like a sort of plum like this, and optimists poked in the smartphone where the Internet is quickly slipped the relevant information. — And plum-then we have the grow how! Maybe one... it has evolved here! — Evo -- what? — spat angrily realists. Yeah, Michurina no drain so not evolyutsioniruet. Well, it is a tree! Where... there is no incentive! Indeed, marvelous are Thy works, o Lord! When the fruits are ripe, Baba Galya began to apportion everybody a redheaded, freckled happiness. Village gardeners immediately dismantled seeds and tried to grow your own apricots. Alas, nothing came of it. Some even appeared tiny seedlings, but died in the first winter. Mishka tractor has grown quite a decent tree, but was only a yellow plum. However, to be extremely productive and amazingly delicious. But not the apricot. At the General meeting it was agreed that Bagheera tells fortunes Baba Galya, thanks to the hostess for warmth, comfort and always a full bowl. Some even tried to lure the magical cat, but ran into a sharp feline misunderstanding expressed in scratched hands. Bagheera in his affection was the bar. It did not help either sausage, or ham, or even steam the freshest meat. Bagira preferred diet Baba Gali. The village is now closely watching the footage of Baba Gali: it appeared a new tree of unknown species. Realists say that this is obviously a peach. Optimists believe that the tree may be a true palm tree. Maybe even date. Or the Fig tree. The one fruits which once tempted eve. The tree has not yet bloomed, and the debate continues. ...

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