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Save money on services, HR agencies, or How to recruit personnel on its own? :.: Article 13.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Good staff are valued in any company and always in demand. How to find the right professionals, without resorting to the services of recruitment agencies? Presenting your attention the step by step instructions. Step 1. Set a goal To do this, ask yourself three questions: 1. Who is the ideal candidate for this position? The answer to this question should include all characteristics that are needed for a new employee to successfully perform the work. If it needs to know certain programs or own special equipment, these requirements must also be considered. For convenience, you can even record a list of required characteristics on a sheet of paper. Include in the list any small thing, if you think she is a fundamentally important (for example, if you believe that a single mother with two children and a mortgage will be more motivated to perform the plan of sales, then so indicate). 2. What are the duties to be performed by the employee? Here it is necessary to consider in detail the functionality of the employee. If you plan to add any additional duties, you should notify applicants at the stage of interview. This can save you a lot of time, having eliminated those who are not willing to work to suit your needs. 3. How best to describe the job? The description must meet two criteria to be detailed and attractive to candidates. To meet the first requirement must be included in the description of the highlights of the work (salary, duties, requirements, schedule, etc.), and for the second is not to forget to mention the benefits that people receive, having a job is for you. Perhaps it will be a convenient location near the metro, free coffee or other bonuses. The answers to these questions will help you choose the perfect for your company. Step 2. Select how to search a Particular instrument depends on the position for which the employee is required. Think about what resources are used by your potential candidates. If you need the janitors or the janitors, it is not necessary to post the job on Facebook, as people who normally work in such positions, is unlikely to see her there. It is better to give ad in the local newspaper. Step 3. Read the responses After posting jobs, you will start to receive responses from applicants. This can be a summary, sent by email or regular telephone calls. You will need from the entire array of responses to select the most suitable. Summary just analyze for compliance with your settings that you defined in step 1. In the process of the phone call ask the candidates questions, which will also show the suitability of this person. Once you have found a candidate that interests you, invite him for a personal meeting. Step 4. Talk to the candidate When meeting with a potential employee once again I appreciate its characteristics, adding to them the non-verbal factors that cannot be taken into account in the summary or on the phone. Do not get fooled by nice words and promises to exceed its plans, you should demand facts and proof of experience. If you need an experienced sales Manager, then feel free to ask about how much in sales was the applicant at the previous place. Technical specialists can even conduct a small test or trial to prepare the assignment. Also talk about the personality of the candidate. Find out what he's interested in making in their spare time, try to understand his position in life. If it coincides with the principles of your company, the likelihood that the person will be perfect for you, increases significantly. Don't forget to honestly answer all the questions of the applicant. All. Only four steps you must do to yourself to find an employee for your company. But to do them correctly, the necessary professional and life experience. Recruitment — a fascinating, though very challenging. If for some reason you experience difficulty on any of the above steps, then you have the sense to still contact the Agency. For example, HR provides PROFESSIONAL recruitment services in St. Petersburg, Moscow, other Russian regions and CIS countries....