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Is it possible to love the mayor? The story of one of the mayor :.: Article 13.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In 2013, in a cosy area in the centre of Rostov-on-don, street Big Garden, under the trees of Gorky Park, a monument to Andrei M. Baikov from grateful descendants, designed by sculptor Andrei Sknarina. The names in our time are remembered with difficulty, but sculpture Sknarina know themselves Rostov, and many outside the city. This is the famous "Cart" at the southern entrance to Rostov-on-don, Pushkinskaya fishnet balls and a breathtaking monument to the participants of the Rostov strike at the entrance to the Train area. What is so famous bikes than he deserved such a memory, and why next to him, a strange sculpture with miniature bridges, lanterns, water columns?.. Photo: Natasha, Alex, a personal archive Is a favorite mayor of Rostov-on-don, which in the XIX century, in the 14 years together, have improved and developed our warm southern city, the former in those years a real hole. And miniatures is his achievements in the field of innovation in Rostov. Despite the gratitude of the inhabitants, a lot of dirt poured out then on science that in some way undermined his health and led to death. Andrei Matveyevich was not indigenous Rostovtsev, but our city has made many more of his sons. He was born in Kharkov, in the family of nobility from St. Petersburg, and in Rostov came for treatment after participating in the Crimean war, and so they settled. Proved himself as a competent economic Manager and in 1862, being the age of just 30, led the mayor that he was fated to take the next 7 years. Andrew Banoffee: During this time in the southern capital appeared water, from the large village of Rostov has become in the city. Appeared sidewalks, kerosene lamps on a Large Garden later Conca — the predecessor of the electric tram, the city turned green — that bikes instituted the feast of the arbor. When it appeared a few schools, and houses-huts were replaced with stone. It was with him in Rostov rang the first phone. Photo: Natasha, Alex, personal files of the Residents loved science and saw the transformation of the city, but as always, there were many dissatisfied with the leader, he was tough, in the city Treasury was replenished by a tax on merchants, which is not all arranged. A lot of denunciations and audits was in that period, in the end, the bikes left the post and moved to the Caucasian mineral waters. Where when it appeared the first hotel in Essentuki, he got up to pour the healing water in bottles for sale. As a result, in 1884 he was asked to return to Rostov, when the Treasury was looted again last contribution science has become particularly noticeable. 5 years he remained mayor, and once again ended up as the first time: the carve-up of power, attempts of embezzlement led to a weakening of the health of the elderly Andrew M., and in 1889, at the age of 58, he was gone. Rest favorite the Rostov town Governor at all saints ' cemetery, which is a lot of years there, on the spot it now — the Palace of Sports. And only in 2013, after a hundred years, A. M. Baikov got the recognition of the citizens and the memory of the descendants of those who saw dirty big village Rostov had become a town with the waterfront, sidewalks, large bridge, water supply, fire brigade and the Church of all saints. Photo: Natasha, Alex, a personal archive is a Pity that, as so often happens, such a talented Manager were not assessed. Those 14 years that he lived in Rostov, could change the city and life of its inhabitants beyond recognition. However, the talent of this historical figure in this period was not lost in vain, and gave impetus to the development of the Caucasian mineral waters. I would like more of such firm executives in our city and in our country, the fate would befell quite possibly similar. ...

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