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Entertaining astrology. Where did the Zodiac signs? Part 3 :.: Article 14.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Currently, a simple and clear knowledge of the person about acting on it forces submenu simple superstition. Often the predictions and our actions with fear and caution they are becoming more and more petty. And our expectations — all the more pragmatic. Go to the previous part of the article With what the same is the belief of mankind in a certain relationship between the movement of heavenly bodies and events of human life? Why do we so easily believe in good or bad time to make decisions or carry out some action, in our personal characteristics Zodiac signs, the compatibility or incompatibility of characters? A little statistics. According to a survey conducted by sociologists from the Institute for statistical studies and Economics of knowledge HSE, believe in astrology and consider it a science, 48% of Russians. In the US this figure is more — 55%, and in Romania 62%. People's desire to find in horoscopes something for myself called the effect of Bromate: it is Now well known that the desire of people to find in the horoscopes something for yourself has a name — this is the Barnum effect, or the effect of subjective confirmation. The name for this phenomenon presumably was given by the psychologist Floors Nice. Phineas Barnum, the person is extremely famous and popular in the nineteenth century, the American circus showman and entrepreneur, for some time owned his own circus and was famous for its abilities to psychological manipulation. He is credited with the phrase: "we Have something for everyone." Why do astrologers believe its predictors? Psychologists say that there is in force in the two mechanisms: subjective validation and selective memory. Thanks to them, we find connections where there are none, and easily forget the adverse or does not coincide with the reality of the information. Phineas of Barnetto: In favor of loyalty to this hypothesis the following experiment. In 1948, psychologist B. Forer spent with your students the personality test and the results of the testing promised to provide them with their detailed specifications, but instead of analyzing, he gave them all the same text taken from a horoscope: "You need to other people you loved and respected, and at the same time, you usually feel about yourself is critical. Although you have some personal weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them. You have considerable unused capacities that you are still not used to their advantage. Looking disciplined and confident on the outside, inside you tend to worry and feel uncertain. Sometimes you cover serious doubts if you made the right decision or did the right thing. You prefer some variety and change and become dissatisfied with being trapped in certain limits and restrictions. You also pride yourself as an independent thinker; you do not accept others ' statements without satisfactory proof. However, you do not find the wise too much frankness in opening oneself to others. At times you are extroverted, affable and sociable, while at other times you are introverted, cautious and reserved. Some of your aspirations as a rule, unrealistic." It is interesting that he later asked each student to rate on a scale this description of his personality actually. The average figure was the equivalent of 4.26. Although, of course, this assessment was affected including the authority of the teacher. Such experiments were subsequently repeated approximately with the same result. Today, astrology is not science, but entertainment for sucaldito: However, despite the fact that many horoscopes really are sometimes full of common phrases in this area, as in any other, is full of charlatans to deny the relationship of the position of stars and planets and our own lives would be to deny our connection with the Universe. In today's era of total reappraisal and devaluation of all that you can't touch or translated in monetary terms, the science of astrology has turned into a free app that serves as entertainment for the bored or jaded, or, on the contrary, are means of profit to desperate people who have lost hope in this world. But the knowledge about this natural relationship alive in a pure and seeking heart, and it is naturally born in the heart and mind of everyone who come out at night and look at the sky... the Lights live, and move, and draw on us his ways on his own, known only to them laws. But we are also part of this system, and we have pieces of the same substance, we circulate blood, fluid and rotating atoms, and the cyclical nature of these processes takes place in us, through us and through the entire Universe and makes us part of it. And though we cannot see direct and irrefutable proof that the planets have on us is strong (or even decisive) influence, not to believe that we have no reason to....

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