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Mersey-beat 1960's. What's the story hits The FOURMOST, SWINGING BLUE JEANS, The SPENCER DAVIS GROUP? :.: Article 14.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

"Over the country sounds a bit British!". Think like a woeful cry uttered many members of the American music business in the mid 1960-ies. By this time the BEATLES and other British gang... sorry, the bands... regularly captured the first line of the hit parade of the USA. In the "British invasion" a local pop heroes went into the shadows, and career some were even destroyed... I have written about the BEATLES, and other representatives of the British Marsabit (e.g. here and here). But this topic is far from exhausted... The FOURMOST — "Hello Little Girl" (1963), However, to start the story again with the Beatles, who had time to compose music hits, not only for myself but for their Liverpool colleagues in the business. A scan of the cover of the disc One of these "gifts" was the song "Hello Little Girl", it was remarkable that it was the first original song written by John Lennon. According to the author, her writing, he was inspired by another song — "It's De-Lovely" Cole porter's 1936 release, which John's mother often sang to him in childhood. No wonder Lennon joked that "Hello Little Girl" is for him a kind of "Freudian" charm... Like most early BEATLES songs, "Hey, baby" was not much lyrical depth, but it was melodic and memorable. Translation — Gurenko Zarina: When I see you everyday I say, "Mmm, Hey, baby!"When you walk on the road,I say, "Mmm, Hey, baby!"... Early in his career, the Beatles tried to promote this song yourself. In 1960 she recorded her demo, and in 1962 presented at the audition in the company "Decca". The audition was unsuccessful, the boys who compose songs without professional songwriters, then, was not taken seriously. As you know, a few months later, the BEATLES would enter into a contract with another label — "Paraphone", and soon "Decca" will bite their elbows... In 1963 the Beatles were already famous enough to share your songs with your associates. At first, "Hello Little Girl" gave the Liverpool group GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS, which have already released the successful single "How Do You Do It?". However, for some reason the group refused, and the song switched to another Marsabit-team — The FOURMOST. "Hello Little Girl" became The FOURMOST not only the debut single and first hit (number 9 in the UK). Then they, without thinking twice, he recorded another song Lennon — "I'm in Love" (No. 17 in Britain). And while none of these songs are unable to conquer America, "I'm in Love" formally became the first song composed by the "Beatles", which was released in the United States. SWINGING BLUE JEANS — "Hippy Hippy Shake" (1963), "You're No Good" (1964) But another Liverpool team — SWINGING BLUE JEANS — lucky much more. His first hit was "Hippy Hippy Shake" — silly, but very energetic song that called to jump, shake the hips in every way and "sausage". A scan of the cover of the disc Song was written by Chan Romero — the guy from Montana, which mixed a lot of blood — from white to Indian. No wonder his work is strongly influenced by the same "international" rocker Ritchie Valens, author of the famous "La Bamba". "Hippy Hippy Shake" Romero wrote another 17-year-old schoolboy and released on single in July 1959. Then the song managed to become # 3 in Australia, but at home, she had no success. That today countrymen Romero'm thinking to do the "Hippy Hippy Shake" official rock song of Montana is a great merit of the British Liverpool. Marsabit groups have always had warm feelings for this song (for example, it is repeatedly performed by the BEATLES). But the greatest dividends from the "Hippy Hippy Shake" got it SWINGING BLUE JEANS. They played it louder and faster and released as a single in 1963. This version not only became number 2 in Britain, but (in the Wake of the us success of the BEATLES) managed to conquer the American charts, finishing in 1964, the 24 th place. His second hit "You're No Good" — SWINGING BLUE JEANS also borrowed from the Americans. The song composed by famous songwriter Clint Ballard, Jr. Initially it was performed from the woman's face, extremely disappointed in the moral qualities of man ("Now I can see what you really are"). "You're No Good" has experienced many different interpretations. The first song recorded in 1963, the Negro singer Dee Dee Warwick (sister of the famous Diana Warwick) — in this case in a very emotional manner. Her particular version was not a success, finishing in the American charts only 117-e a place. A year later, a new slower and more Flirty version was released, the singer Betty Everett and got to 51st position. In the same 1964 "You're No Good" recorded the SWINGING BLUE JEANS. Now the song is sung from the male faces and different rhythmic and insinuating guitar party. I still consider this version the best, although America, it is also not conquered (No. 97). But in Britain, became No. 3. After 10 years, the song waited for his "finest hour". In 1974, "You're No Good" performed by American singer Linda Rondstat managed to lead the American top. Despite my commitment to a version of the SWINGING BLUE JEANS, it cannot be denied that Linda came to this song creatively, practically adapting it for themselves. The girl long sang "You're No Good" at concerts, until he decided to record a song in the Studio. The first record the singer did not like the arrangement was too rhythm-and-Blues, and the pace quick. To sing Linda was uncomfortable, and she re-recorded "You're No Good", making it slower and instrumentally rich. In General, this should be a good cover of the opening song some new undetected side. The 1979 version of "You're No Good" record on their album famous guitarist Eddie van Hallen — and again on its own. The SPENCER DAVIS GROUP — "Gimme Some Lovin'" (1966), "I'm A Man" (1967) Birmingham merseybeat group The SPENCER DAVIS GROUP, as you might guess, was founded by Spencer Davis. Like the BEATLES, the guys preferred to compose their material for yourself, though, and became famous later — in the second half of the 1960s. a scan of the album art In the appearance of their first American hits — "Gimme Some Lovin'" is a largely "to blame" their Manager, Chris Blackwell. One day he demanded that the group immediately wrote some hit, fit for the single. Well, urgently — so urgently... the Guys ran into the Studio and just after the hour a new song was not only written, but also rehearsed. The instigator was a 17-year-old Steve Winwood, prohorovsky the first phrase that came to mind: "Give me some love!" She also became the name of the song that Steve modified with Spencer Davis and Muff the wynwood art. When irritated Blackwell found a group in the café and was ready to give a scolding, the guys calmly explained that coveted hit ready... Such arrogance is completely justified. In 1966 "Gimme Some Lovin'" with its catchy organ riff was No. 2 in Britain. For the American single, the group added in recording percussion, and female choir, and this version got US up to 7th place. The following year, Winwood and Spencer (along with producer Jimmy Miller) recorded another "organ" hit "I'm A Man" (not to be confused with the song Bo doodly 1955). In style it is already a little reminiscent of Marsabit and more like Saul. Originally the song was intended for a film "Swinging London". But she liked the group that they released it as a single, which became number 10 in USA and number 9 in the UK. In 1970 the jazz-rock band CHICAGO will bring this three-minute song to almost eight minutes, that will not prevent this version is also to hit the UK charts (No. 8). "I'm A Man" was the last hit of The SPENCER DAVIS GROUP. Largely on the decline in popularity affected his departure from the band talented Steve wynwood art, which will gather their collective TRAFFIC....

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