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Dreamed of and as communicated in the era "before the Internet", or Who are radiohuligany? :.: Article 14.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Grandson asked recently: "how are people "mean" when there was no Internet?" What the Internet once did not exist, that he already knew right after I read about dinosaurs, cavemen and other ancient times. But then they spoke, if — "without the Internet?". I had to remember the story about himself in his current ten years of age, and those same times of antiquity — early 60-ies of the past century in the distant Kyrgyzstan. ...It was a crucial time of the revival of the country. The already debunked Stalinism, Khrushchev's voluntarism was completed, leaving the memory of a lot of political jokes about the small, bald-headed citizen and about the corn — "the Queen of fields". The country sparkled with enthusiasm. People, especially young people, looking for possibilities of self-realization, the way of communication with peers in all parts of the country and the world. But communication still has been blocked for ideological reasons. People had to take only those news and listen to the music that was decreed upon them the party organs. Overcoming all these circumstances resulted in the late 50's, early 60-ies in the mass the passion people radio and Amateur radio. Listening to "Voice of America" and "Deutsche Welle", the people, exhausted by the "iron curtain", were eager not biased news, and wanted to know the true information about life in other countries, music, culture of other peoples. But short waves, which broadcast these stations in the Soviet receivers was not for this reason. In the Baltic States was produced then the crew radios "Spidola" with a range of KV, but they were in a terrible deficit, and were quite expensive — more than 80 rubles. Therefore, the existing tube receivers craftsmen were making homemade consoles that allows you to take "the enemy voices". Semiconductor technology was developed, both in America and in the Union of start was adopted at the same time, but the leader quickly escaped Japan. Hand stores we were looking at a relatively compact (for the time) receivers, and recorders not in the tubes, and semiconductors: "General"; "Nesanel"; "Wilco"... And right on the back cover was stamped, how many transistors are contained in the scheme of this wonderful device. Open mouth read: eight, twelve, sixteen transistors... By the way, later, in the late 60-ies, the Japanese still exposed felt his humiliation, the ubiquitous Americans. It turned out that the Japanese, catching the dependence of the popularity and price range of the device from a simple arithmetic summation of transistors, began to put their schemes just as other parts — diodes, and other elements. My brother also succumbed to the universal passion and was making crystal radio. It was so cool and fascinating: to build my own receiver, which, without any batteries, just being connected to a cast iron radiator and a homemade antenna, reproducing music and human speech. But that was only the beginning! Next came more complex schemes and receivers, the benefit of one of our most popular magazines were "Radio" and "Junior technician". Fascinated not only the goal itself, but the whole process. I had to get it get, not to buy radio. It was pretty expensive. Had to sacrifice the brands of once collected collections, saving, denying themselves many pleasures and entertainments. Rather, the most costly option was the purchase at the hardware store the soap dish, which normally adapted under the body of the radio. Girls, passionate about radio, is also not lagging behind. Those that are diligent, went to a circle of Young radio operators at the Palace of pioneers. We took it down: what they could teach, except radiodelu and Morse code? And the interests they own, for the girls: they have even appeared on their new secrets, like the digital code on the Morse code — "88" ("kiss"). But they're girls, they kisses and secrets — main. We, the boys, the yards were other science and other codes — such as "FSO" or "DLB" to tap out Morse code or whistle which could any self-respecting kid. But the main goal and dream was still to collect your transmitter. Real. To become a full-fledged ham radio operator. Well, that would go into the air? Resolution still officially do not have long been known. Well, what if while working on the TV screens throughout the area there is a ruffle of the stray radiation? It is necessary, therefore, high-quality transmitter to collect. But would radiohooligans, as they were called power. Like "Cyclops" or "Lone wolf". It was the celebrity of the city! Would go into the air as well as they like my neighbor, an adult by our standards of Northolt fifteen-year-old Sasha: "everyone, Everyone! For all who hears me! A radio station "the Black climber"!" And then it was a paraphrase of city news, chat with other hams, and then the main song. My generation, by the way, thanks to radiohooligans became acquainted with the works of Galicia, North, Kim, Vysotsky. Tape recorders almost no one then was not, it was just beginning. Later, by the end of 60-ies, when parents have magnetotail "Romance", we began to record on built-in it recorder these songs are terrible quality terrible film "Type 2". A console to the radio, which was already enough for a standalone program, we have collected, but to build a real radio station had serious money. Had to get the generator and amplifier lamps, whatnot... still remember those magical elusive title: "SU-50", "GU-807". It was for us an unattainable deficit. Yes and no they were sold to private individuals. Security officers watched vigilantly, preventing any attempt of creation of a clandestine radio stations: what if the spy?.. Enough and the "enemy from abroad", which in those days was beginning to turn off. Radiohooligans were caught then by two working in unison direction finders installed in vehicles "Jeep" (goat) or motorcycles "Ural". This was done by the security Service of air police and the KGB. And changed the article of the Criminal code of customary conduct, by the addition of "Hooliganism with the use of technical means". In addition to administrative punishment for illegal, not registered the radio and broadcast are now supposed full-fledged criminal penalties. My neighbor, Sasha Porthole, caught still one, no matter how he disguised their antenna under the peak of the roof and in the chimney of the boiler house. Pinged and fined a considerable sum then — 16 rubles, confiscating at the same time his parents TV and radio with a tape recorder. From the time Sasha had saved the infancy. Maybe the possibility of such inevitable retribution and cooled then our brother and ardor, and most of all, a new passion that changed the vector of dreams: a private chemical laboratory in the basement of one of the friends with the opportunity to conduct exciting experiments with a boyish slant, of course, pyrotechnics. But that's a topic for another story, especially his grandson know these things yet on anything... Much later, in the early 70-ies, by fate once to serve in the army in the same region on mountain point, I sometimes recalled that dream days of childhood. It turned out that she, though transformed, changed, but still came true... When our radio station of great power started to work, a neon lamp located just in the hands of and not connected by any wires, burned brightly in his outstretched hand, when you just walk down the antenna field. Flashes of the fire played on the mountain tops, and TV screens not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also on the part of Kazakhstan in the moments of transition from one frequency to another was covered with "snow" ruffle. Even Nikola Tesla was not available for these effects. Of course! In block power amplifier were two generating lamps GU-2 in size with a ten-year boy. The position of radio operator first class not allowed when the comms from one of the Main Headquarters in the Moscow region Ruza use ingrained in the consciousness of "PNH" and "DLB", and sometimes wanted to... had to use code "SLI" that the language of Morse code meant "Replace operator", because the child-the hooligan has already passed. The time has come for youth... It was clear that he was so anxious, sometimes to send your entire emotional charge waves in the ether, only one code — "88". Especially in spring, when the artificial light flashes on the antenna box snatched in the dark of night scarlet sea of red poppies that covered the entire space of the foothills... But that's a topic for another conversation, especially since another grandson this before thinking....

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