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Holidays in Turkey: is it worth to go? Part 2 :.: Article 14.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The next morning I woke up neither light nor dawn, it seems that even in the dream experiencing the same impatience when the eager and? ' tis not hereafter be quickly awakened to go to explore your new place, the adventure and the unknown. Go to the first part of the article On the way stop for Breakfast at the White Lilyum hotel, where I had a "five star" eat out on the buffet style (about the hotel wrote that he was not otherwise five stars), I recovered quickly on the ground, threw them into his mouth scrambled eggs, some sausages, salad and all washed down with coffee, jerked towards the sea, towards the souks and in the direction of all... the Mediterranean sea, the Kekova Island in the Mediterranean, morephoto: Igor Tkachev, a personal archive That can be better than sea on vacation! And isn't it often we tolerate and flights-travel, and indigestion of the food, and various other inconveniences on the road? Inexplicably, the sea keeps us eternal, unquenchable interest in travel, reminding our unconscious, our forgotten memory of where we once came, it's our cradle. Mediterranean sea — the one for which the Russian people should go to Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain. And we must frankly admit, it is better, cleaner, warmer and the Barents sea, and even Black, and Azov, and the Baltic. Small and clean, warm and affectionate. Places with gray, pebbly shades, sometimes fabulously dreamy turquoise or blue, blue. ... When I later bored and will customarily run along the island of Kekova yacht, my Mature and restrained enthusiasm will not sustain and will break any minute joyful fountain of genuine happiness and glee from the fabulous lagoon playing underwater aquamarine and turquoise, dazzling glare of the sun on a carefree surface under cutting eyes, blue Turkish sky. The island of Kenovate: On language, the great and powerful on the one hand, tourism Turkey largely long been a Russian-speaking party, where a Russian man don't need neither English nor any local language, as many Turks in the tourism sector good command of the "great and mighty", and the percentage of our former compatriots, who had migrated there from their Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan or Georgia, there is more than half. I was genuinely surprised that somehow almost all of them speak or understand Russian, as local Turks. Later I realized that it was not the Turks, and "our" Kazakhs and Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Azeris, which the Turks put savvy to handle the guests, good language and mentality is familiar to them. Ilker from Chechnya, Ibragim from the Krasnodar territory, Olga from Nikolaev, Baku Aziz... They were there the sea, and the feeling sometimes that you're not in Turkey, to Sochi or Adler. Many former and current of our markets, tour agencies, rental bikes and cars, spas and, of course, in the travel agencies. As recognized by Ilker from the tour Agency, the Turks simply do not want to work and hire cheap labor, and 500-600 dollars which does all the work, working 12 hours a day and lack of sleep in shelters or beads. The Russian language is prevalent in hotels and on the beaches of Antalya or Alanya. Unfortunately, our camper often not even bother to learn basic "Hello" and "thank you" in the local language, often being dismissive of who it serves. On Turkish rancette: again, the language Before you depart to the Turkish coasts, I, in turn, made sure to learn 30 basic words and phrases in the language of the receiving party. Feel good, a mandatory tone and to be able to thank and say a few pleasant words to those who are courting and serving you — the ordinary boys are doing for us, tourists, as transfermen, waiters, behind the bar and picking us empty cups and cigarette butts. As mentioned earlier, the basics of Turkish was useful to me from the first minute spent in the hospitable Turkish soil, because a Russian there own basically, once our fellow citizens, and themselves ethnic Turks, are not involved in tourism, in foreign languages is not strong. Mehraba (Hello), tesekkur (thanks)... and bir bira, lutfen (one beer, please) or raki bir, iki buz (one of raki, two ice) was out of my mouth and quickly melted the ice of mistrust. Of course, all the big hotels the staff in one form or another understands or speaks Russian. But outside your hotel or tourist zone, take a chance, you "feel" real, not picture Turkey, you might find yourself as if in a vacuum, where no one, strangely, does not understand you. It happened to me when I'm lost in the rain in lemon grove and stomped on Turkish gardens recklessly, frightening the local cicadas and chickens. I ran older hanim (lady), something babbling, of course, not in Russian and not English. All I understood from her indignant speech, were two words: sen (you) and kim (who). This was enough to answer something like "ben turist (Turist I), yol nerede, lutfen (where is the road?)", then hanim was replaced by anger at the mercy and generously showed me the direction. Photo: In understanding Turkish I helped the old knowledge Turkmen, Turkic language, which I once studied and where many of the words were the same or similar. The word var (is), kitab (book) or dur (stop, stop) is, in one form or another in many Turkic languages. Well, the easiest in this sense, those who are fluent in Azeri, because 70-80 percent of Turkish he repeats, about how the Ukrainian language repeats the language of Russian. Also in the hotel with the maids, I had to speak on my fingers and Turkish words learned yarin (tomorrow — I mean come clean tomorrow), su (su, bu, holodilnik, lutfen — this water in the refrigerator, please), etc what we found quite funny, so that some Russian-speaking guests were surprised, "where did I so well know Turkish". About our people in Turkey this time I got indeed on the Russian Riviera, where a pole or German was a notable exception and were allocated from our slender crowd. Russian from Moscow, Murom and Magnitogorsk, Belarusians from Minsk, Ukrainians from Nikolaev, plus a few campers themselves Turks and a group of vagrants whether dark-skinned Jamaicans, or Puerto Ricans, judging by their appearance and manner of speech, that was all local parties in the area of Kemer. Photo: I Must say that I haven't seen openly drunk or behaving, a La "Tagil taxis!" — it was all quite decorous, noble and not in Russian trapped. Cute couple of Murom was extremely correct and polite; the rustic-looking guy from Magnitogorsk — a measure of happy sun, sea, Turkey, and said "blah" only twice in five minutes our communion with him. Others also behaved quite culturally and boring, so I wanted to make a small "Tagil" in this Sunday school for exemplary students. And only some desperate old frankly abusive screamed and stomped their feet at the reception for all the lobby, demanding that the room is not above the first floor with all, according to her views, amenities. But maybe she had some reasons. And still Russian, in many respects the Soviet mentality in its best forms, sometimes among the palm trees and the sea and broke out, and breathed hostility, uneducated arrogance and restraint, even if very carefully. For example, the beach could not come, as all the sunbeds already there since 9 am were either occupied by body fat, because bellies which gleamed signature smug eyes of the lucky ones who managed to take their place, either they were in towels, which is not clear when and who managed to deliver at this hour. Sometimes the owner of the towels appeared two hours later, pleased with his ingenuity: later I found out that beach towels brought one "messenger", a neighbor or a newfound friend, while the others were still asleep or eating Breakfast. Photo: Also frankly not very nice to watch grim but our brother still outlived the Soviet habit to shun the "no friends". For example, when Turkish cooks spent something like study cooking shows, cooking on the spot and offering to taste some local dishes, many of our people did not hesitate in expressions, assuming that nobody understands or frankly frowned, laughed and silently turned away. So vain cook Sualp and his assistant tried to acquaint our comrades with the national dish spice (or kufta), meatballs from cereals, tomatoes and various spices, fashioning them there on the spot, by hand, as expected, gloves. All who stood before me, or were refused this "shit" or tried, openly wincing. And no one was able to say "teshekur" or at least "thank you" in Russian.

Much the same happened when our loving to drink "sommelier" in one gulp "quenched" undiluted raki (Turkish anisette), as I used to do vodka Russian, frowned and gave in without a shadow of hesitation across the throat: "that's so gross!" Although do not know how to drink it. Those who in Turkey was not the first time, often not shy with arrogant criticism of native Russian expressions, cheap stuffing themselves in front of their new comrades with whom they have a week or two saying goodbye forever, never to them not to meet: "in this sump I will not go." Photo: And only a few had the good grace, patience and smiles to thank those who are a few weeks behind them washed and cleaned up, even if they do not like it. They were and so was and hope that all slowly changing. Also unpleasant to observe the ubiquitous pot-bellied musiccome and full of women that behave in the dining room as on the battlefield or at least on the Mat, where food must-win, for, with the proud winner of cruising with another filled to the brim with plate — meat, potatoes, cherries and cakes at the same time, over the proud, swollen belly. Dark or slightly aggressive, unsmiling face of our countrymen, with naked torso spacerowa between the Turkish collapse, and simply inquiring, without unnecessary introductions, "How many?" and "Let's cheaper?" was easily recognizable a mile away. Russian rough familiarity met Turkish nilaveli, and maybe that's why Turkey at the time, loved our visitors, giving them at the mercy of all the Anatolian coast? Photo: But, luckily, the situation was diluted by the modest guys from the provincial Murom or cultural Peter in years and with the upbringing from the old school moms and dads, reserved and quietly absorbing rare for them, the sun gently bathing in the sea and slowly take over the grill or kebab on the buffet, as the Peninsula of the Crimea from the Turks in 1783. To be continued......

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