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The Coleus. What is weaving a living carpet in the garden? :.: Article 14.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Fantastically beautiful foliage of a Coleus — and they asked to the country as a fancy Mat. In addition, these plants are not demanding in care, and they can grow even a novice in the garden business. The Coleus belongs to the family Yasnotkovyh and is a relative of the sage, Melissa, mint, Basilica, nettle and many other well-known plants. In the genus Coleus, there are about 150 species. Gardeners most famous Coleus Blum, a native of tropical regions of Asia and Africa. Based on this view, the breeders have selected the most modern varieties. Some species, native to Africa, are starchy tubers, which the local people consume. Photo: Height Coleus Blum does not exceed 80 cm. it is world Famous for leaves: various shades of red, yellow, brown; white, black, purple, bright green with spots of warm tones — what is not a material to create a plant carpet? Interested in the structure of the leaf of Coleus: they are small bumps, working on the principle of the lens. Light reflected from them provides the brightness of color of the foliage. Flowering in Coleus is not decorative, so gardeners often cut the flower stalks appeared not to disturb the appearance of the plant. The Botanical name comes from the Greek word "kleos", which means "box, tube" — the fact that the filaments of the Coleus grow in the form of a tube, in which is a pestle. Photo: the Shape of the leaves similar to the nettle leaves, so the people of this ornamental plant is often referred to as a Chinese burn. Sometimes a Coleus for the diversity of leaf mistakenly called a poor man's Croton. But to Croton he has nothing: Croton belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae and is quite demanding in care. The Coleus can be grown outdoors and indoors. Composition of different varieties will be a perfect decoration of offices, balconies, apartments and infield. Propagation of Coleus is easy. He is well propagated by cuttings and seeds. Photo: seedlings Seeds are sown, depending on the climate zone in March-April. Seedlings appear quickly — within 7-10 days. Toddlers will feel comfortable at a temperature of 18-20 degrees West or East window. When the two leaves should be the pick. At the age of 5-6 weeks the plants should be transplanted into individual containers and to provide the splendor of the Bush, produce pinched. In the open ground grown seedlings are planted in April and may, when established stable warm weather. Photo: the best time for cutting grafts — March-April. Cuttings root well in water or directly in soil after 7-10 days, appear from the roots. If you plan on growing plants in the ground as perennials in winter it should be transplanted with a lump of land in a container and kept in a cool and bright room, avoiding drying of the soil. The basic rules of content of Coleus: the leaves had a rich and vibrant coloring, the plants should settle in fairly lit areas, but from the midday sun, you must protect with its excess the leaves will be pale; the soil should be humus, peat and sand; in summer should be watered abundantly; the optimum temperature for successful cultivation of Coleus in the summer period is 20 degrees, in winter — not below 10 degrees; the Coleus prefer high humidity, so hot days should be sprayed during growing period bushes to ensure that the pomp is necessary to pinch back, and a couple of times a little to cut; if the Coleus are grown as potted plants in late autumn it a little cut and reduce the amount of watering; once a week the Coleus requires feeding of complex mineral fertilizers for dekorativnolistvennyh plants; for Coleus can attack spider mites, whiteflies, mealybugs, in this case, it is necessary to apply insecticides; fails to observe the rules of care Coleus can develop stem and root rot, such plants must be destroyed. Photo: Such are the simple rules will help you to create in your garden patterned Mat that, in addition to aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of coloured foliage will give you an energy boost. And when inhaled the refreshing fragrance of its leaves, releasing the essential oils aktiviziruyutsya the brain and improve mood. ...

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