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How to choose a school satchel first grader? :.: Article 15.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

By September 1 the Ministry of education promised that school textbooks will be electronic copies and school bags will be much easier. But until that happens, parents of first-graders have to make a choice from the variety of backpacks and bags for school bazaars. What is the jetpack from a backpack? Which parts and features you should pay attention to? How to avoid mistakes in buying? Now open all the secrets! The backpack is a soft crossbody bag. Colorful school backpacks in fashion now, and almost all pupils, and especially pupils of average and senior classes, happy to wear them to school. But the first-grader it is not suitable, he needs a backpack — hard bag with solid and better orthopedic backrest and solid bottom. The secrets of the outside of the Satchel of the schoolboy should be easy. The CPS requires that its weight was not more than 700 grams. Conscientious manufacturers will indicate the weight of the goods in characteristics, pay attention to it when buying. The container should be legtimate: Depositphotos Shoulder straps of the backpack should be wide, padded and extendable, then they can be customized for the growth of the student. Is a big plus rainproof material of which is sewn satchel, sturdy seams and plastic feet on the bottom. A very important detail for school backpack — reflective elements on straps, front and pockets. But if you like the model, where such detail isn't enough, online shops and stores for tourists to buy reflective stickers for every taste and decorate their backpack. Many models of backpacks have additional chest and waist straps, which fix the container in the back of the child, distributing the load on the spine, and do not let the satchel slide from his shoulders. It is important that the material was nepromokaemoy: Depositphotos When purchasing is to check how easy to open and close zipper to main compartment and pockets. The secrets inside of the container can have multiple compartments and interior pockets. The added benefit of separating partition, you can put notebooks and textbooks. And closing the pocket useful for storing house keys or mobile phone. Many manufacturers offer backpacks set: Shoe bag, pencil case for pencils and pens (even stocked with stationery), wallet different small items. These additional options are presented in models more expensive, and this can save money, because not all filled pencil case can help your child, and you need two bags for school shoes and sports uniforms. Sign pack, enter the name, grade, school, number of its telefonate: Depositphotos May be, the future first-graders it is interesting to choose a pencil case, pens and pencils, stick on pencil case with fun stickers and along with her mother to sew and decorate the bags for shoes and form? This training school will make 1 September a real treat! Another useful addition to the pack — a sign with the name of the future student, this backpack will easily find among others. Selection of backpacks for school bazaars are huge. But using these simple secrets, you will easily find a quality backpack, and your child will be comfortable, safe and fun start to school life....

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