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Where is the most peaceful place on Earth? :.: Article 15.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

We live in a world of sounds and sometimes do not even notice it. The sounds themselves have different strength, duration, and informational value for us. We conventionally divide them for myself "useful" and "harmful". But in either case, sometimes there is a desire to stay in silence and relax. However, it is not so easy it is to do. The main reason is that even well-known ear plugs (the plugs) not allow you to completely "disconnect" from the sounds. The man is such that the sounds we perceive not only through hearing but also the entire body, although not aware of it for the reason that don't relate the body to its natural system audio. The problem of isolation from the sounds of a very, very long time. Even in Ancient Rome, tried to solve it by building spaces with thick walls that reduce the strength of sounds coming from outside. Even ear plugs don't allow you to completely "disconnect" from zvukovoe: Depositphotos In the future, the builders have paid particular attention to sound-absorbing materials. They significantly increased the cost of construction. But it had to accept that, because people have the demand for "quiet" neighborhoods. Again, the doctors recommended to avoid excessive production and household noise to maintain your health. But modern life is not just work or home. In the big cities are so noisy that the sounds acquired the character of a disaster. Constant noise leads to hearing loss, severe fatigue, stress... Scientists and experts are looking for ways to reduce noise. Many countries have a special laboratory. They method experiments find new ways to reduce sounds. In the USSR, the wall was first plastered with patterned Wallpaper, then paper was absorbing systemphoto: Depositphotos In so-called anechoic chamber (an acoustically isolated labs) measured the noise level from various devices and provide recommendations for safe use. That is, the location inside the other rooms. Thus we study not only external noise, but internal in the device. Often, these cameras are some of the options under the sound insulation of the device under test. There are labs, which check the degree of attenuation of sounds in the new sound-absorbing materials. If anyone remembers, the Soviet Union was "invented" the easiest way to reduce noise in the room: the walls in the rooms and ceilings are papered with relief Wallpaper, and over them was pasted a normal Wallpaper. It turned out a kind of system that is partially absorbed the sounds. Laboratory Orfila in Safoto: Source of school course we know that total silence exists only in space. Really how on Earth to create a laboratory where there would be the same "space" silence? It turns out that you can. In the Guinness Book of records says that the quietest place on Earth is in the lab "Orfield" in the United States. It was created to measure the sound using modern sound-absorbing materials. Special panels made of fiberglass in the form of blocks of different orientation and volume of the swallow (not return back) 99.99% of sounds. The lab alternately rent various industries for testing new devices that are advertised as the most quiet. It is curious that in this room a man with very acute hearing can hear the pounding of my heart. If the time to switch off the light, starts auditory hallucinations. Test the strength of the psyche is very serious, and so far, only two people were able to survive almost completely. The first lasted 45 minutes and turned on the light, and the second — 35 minutes. But both then said that again is torture silence will drive them crazy. It turns out that a lot of noise — bad, but the lack of sound is not good. ...

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