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Rattan. What's the secret of its popularity? :.: Article 15.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The rope of a devil with an angel's soul — so to speak about a palm, native to the jungles of Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia. The Europeans who first came to thickets of rattan vines called them a fucking rope. It is not surprising that the stems of the rattan is covered with spines, the ends of which are hooks hooks. Out of the thickets of these plants-vines, not sorav tattered clothes and wounded him in the body, it is impossible. Botanical name rattan palm Daemonorops, which means "rope of the devil." The word "rattan" comes from the Malay language. Owns the devil's rope the Palm family. Rattan of Palmetto: tropical rainforests are favourite habitats of rattan. With hooked thorns, the stems climb up trees, closer to the sun. Then the stem goes down, finds a new support again and hurries towards the light. So, zigzags, plant and walks through the woods, reaching the 300-meter length. Rattan palm tree I think the longest plant in the world. Interestingly, the leaves of the vine remain only on the top, like palms, and the stem closer to the top of the tree-supports, laid bare. Stems, winding among the trees, create an inviting place for birds, monkeys and other animals who prefer to live at altitude. The structure of the stem of rotogate: in some species of rattan palms the fruits are edible, but to get them to not so easy — they are at the top. But not the fruits are of value to people. Since the indigenous people of Australia and Oceania used the whip rattan trees to build homes, of which woven furniture and household items. In ancient China rattan produced paper. Later durable rattan vines began to be used for the construction of suspension bridges, the manufacture of fishing tackle, netting, rope ladders. People today, rattan is primarily known as an excellent natural material for making furniture. Chair manufacturer from rotogate: From ancient times came to us a myth about the soul rattan, which is tangled in the curves of the wicker furniture and are unable to get out of the body a tropical plant. Therefore, many believe that the products of rattan living, possess a soul. If respect and preserve them, in gratitude to the soul of the rattan creates for the owner the atmosphere of kindness and security. And sometimes people can even hear the voices of the jungle and plunge into the unknown for him. Harvesting rattan lashes — a dangerous occupation. Workers are constantly in danger: the barbed spikes on each step, and strive to injure them. Aggressive animals, poisonous snakes, dangerous insects, plentiful peoples of the tropical forests, every moment ready to assert their rights of ownership. The netting of furniture people had for a long time. The British Museum holds a wicker chair, whose age is estimated at 4000 years. Around the world highly prized wicker furniture, it was considered a sign of wealth and good taste. Nowadays, the popularity and demand for products made of natural rattan is not falling. Their cost is not very expensive and therefore, in recent decades, began to manufacture furniture made of artificial rattan. Chairs from rotogate: Artificial rattan is a synthetic fiber, produced on the basis of polyethylene and rubber. For the first time, rattan began to be used in the middle of the last century in Indonesia. Of course, furniture made of artificial rattan is far from furniture from natural rattan fibers. It is the soul of the plant coming out of the jungle, don't give it to the owner of warmth and good aura. Palma from rotogate: Source But if you buy rattan furniture is not the financial ability, then buying the ornament or decoration made by a skillful master from rattan, you can feel the soul of this remarkable plant and to plunge into the impenetrable thickets of tropical forests. ...

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