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In the regions of the fetus debtors unnecessary purchases

Question - answer - Legal advice 14.08.2019 at 06:53

Question - answer - Legal advice

A Sea of various services and products today covers a real volume of demand of the population — to stay afloat unscrupulous sellers invent various criminal and semi-legal schemes for the implementation of their products. Promise freebies, instant and easy solution of complex problems, in fact take not only last, but also plunge man into material bondage. Experts on forced lending particularly active in attacking the unsuspecting people of the province who are not always competent in financial and legal terms. We have described some typical illegal schemes to cheat the population and fraud to cheat banks and government agencies in the regions. Quick cash Krasnoyarsk law enforcers opened a criminal case on fraud with consumer loans for 39 episodes in relation to the criminal group. Six young people through social networks was looking for suckers who agreed to take appliances on credit in his name for a small fee. The accused received the goods, and deceived the citizens — the problem with the Bank and microcredit organizations.