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Why it is important to change the shoes

Tow trucks 15.08.2019 at 18:46

Evacuation of Cars in Kiev

Has witnessed a HUNDRED like one guy decided to buy tires in Kiev, and asked his master: — what kind of rubber it is better to go? Obviously, he meant the make and model of the manufacturer. Master, as a professional, made a very unexpected move, expressing: — that what is, you see, I still go for the winter. And this summer, when the temperature sometimes rises above thirty degrees. Why not go in the summer to winter tires? First, you can fine policeman. This is important, given the current fines. The winter tire is made of softer rubber compounds, winter because low temperature and the calculation is that the tires will gain optimal performance with -20 or -30, it will become more rigid. But in the summer this tire is very soft, the tread will prevent early locking of the wheel, and this can lead to skidding.