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Baltic Digital Days 2019. Part 1

SAPE.RU - Blog 12.08.2019 at 11:48

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8-10 August 2019 held a three-day conference Baltic Digital Days under the leadership of Dmitry Shakhov. The event was held in Kaliningrad and rallied many of the experts and digital specialists. We will cover some very interesting reports to maintain you up to date on SEO news.

the Leaders of SEO in TRINET.Group Ramazan Mindubaev and Timothy Kvachev from St. Petersburg issued a joint report on the topic of SEO lead generation for offline businesses.

the Speakers told about the so-called "map of the minefields" in the SEO craft and shared the secrets of how to circumvent the "mine" side.

Ramazan Mindubaev in one of the cases told the audience about an interesting experiment with content project. The project was on the verge of failure due to the long payback, then the optimizers took a chance and decided to try the method of black SEO website. The result has received a request for 3000 articles. To zamestnanosti this technology, optimizers, has launched a project generating doorway pages.

"Failure is part of success," periodically repeats the speaker during the speech, and the audience supports his optimism with applause.

Ramadan Mindubaev told in detail about all the stages of lead generation and said "mines" that you can meet on the way. Special attention was paid to the speaker of the importance of the analysis of a business project before the start.

a Colleague of Ramadan, Timothy Kvachev shared with the audience how to make more money pumping leads to the site for the construction of houses. The speaker also advised first and foremost the right to select the topics business projects and spoke about the main criteria of choice:

the Low competition in the search. The project, which can be further scaled. The person who makes the decisions and manages the budget of the project must be in the major cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In the regions people are not ready to buy a business on the Internet.

Timothy advised entrepreneurs to engage in the sale or lease of aircraft, sale of industrial equipment, explaining the almost complete lack of competition. The speaker also told about the benefits of creating a virtual company.

the Detailed presentation of the report can see the link.

Valentin Laborer (Rush Agency) made a presentation on "How to find a better drops".

the speaker immediately noted that despite the fact that SEO manipulators are often used EN masse purchased expired domains for promotion, making them a part of blog networks, the method itself does not apply to the black SEO is quite effective.

Valentin explained that the drop in SEO most often used in two cases:

To build a PBN (usually use weak and medium drops). For the redirect to the promoted website (you need to take only the best drops).

In both cases, it is recommended to check the drops on “toxicity”.

Next, the speaker reviewed the 4 "global" search path drops:

"Catch" the domain to the moment of release. To use the services with lists topnotch domains. Find drop using links. Find drop through the web archive.

it was Also considered toxic services, domains which cannot be used without transfer to other registrars. Valentine quoted from the study, which claims that 47% BackOrder domains – toxic!

And finally there is a detailed instruction on the test mules. More detailed information on the speech you can find in the presentation.

"Find the drops through in outbound links themed sites, through the services of drops or monitor, when released interesting domains"

Valentin Laborer / Rush Agency

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