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Answer questions about Webmoney

SAPE.RU - Blog 12.08.2019 at 15:16

Company Blog comprehensive promotion Sape. Expert articles on SEO, usability, contextual advertising, advertising from bloggers.

Due To the large number of applications for work with Webmoney, we decided to publish the most frequent questions and answers.

1. How to change the number of purse Webmoney profile Sape?

To change the number of a purse you must follow the instructions that are described in the following sections:

if you have a site webmaster

if you have projects optimizer —

2. Will there be the possibility of withdrawal of funds on WMZ?

No, this would not be possible. Our company is registered in Russia, and we need all the translations to carry out in rubles, which corresponds to WMR in the future — WMP. Therefore, for output we recommend to use other available methods, such as Qiwi.

3. My WMR-a purse was moved to archive, what to do?

You need to be change purse or to use another withdrawal method.

4. What if WMR-a purse has been archived and Qiwi register no opportunities?

you Have only one withdrawal method — Yandex Money. But please note that in order to withdraw the POISON requires that the tax status of inside Sape coincide with the tax status in the POISON. For example, if you have registered as a non-resident of the Russian Federation, and in the POISON you are a resident, Yandex deny the transfer of funds. In this case, You are left with only option — to register a Qiwi wallet.

5. To be with WMR-wallets in the future?

We are actively monitoring the situation and will inform you upon receipt. The official information from the company you can find in their blog. The answers to the questions to Webmoney.

If You have any questions that are not disclosed then write in the feedback or mail us at