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Baltic Digital Days 2019. Part 2

SAPE.RU - Blog 12.08.2019 at 15:51

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We continue to share with you announcements of performances from the conference Digital Days.

Head of SEO from KINETICA agency Karina Shushunova told the audience about the formation of the cost of promotion requests and provided a check-list of factors that affect the price.

the Speaker described in detail the technique for evaluating semantics in SEO and shared work files, which were developed by experts KINETICA agency last year and a half. Also Karina has analysed the approach that allows you to make an accurate prediction and calculation of potential traffic for search marketing. According to the speaker, such practices allow them to be in the TOP 10 SEO ecommerce segment (rated RUWARD).

information on the report you can see here.

"the basis of the value of the phrases has laid down the scoring semantics of kommercheskoi, competition, popularity, potential traffic and the current positions of the site"

Karina Shushunova / KINETICA Head of SEO

the Speaker from Odessa Konstantin Bankovskaya from Netpeak Software presented a paper on interesting topic "How to stop kill time on collecting and processing tons of data for SEO audit?"

Constantine began his presentation with a review of the automated template comprehensive SEO audit. A lot of unstructured data lead to chaos, so the first thing, according to the speaker, you need to collect data for the site together, so that nothing is missed. Google Spreadsheets are not suitable for sites of 30,000 pages. For greater understanding Constantine considered the algorithm works with a template:

1) import the data to the relevant sheets;

2) the count;

3) regular update of actual data;

4) analysis.

the speaker Also pointed out some sources of data for audit and advised to use a VLOOKUP (VLOOKUP) to join data at the URL. For example, the speaker showed how to search for pages not in the index, and donor links of low quality. In the same way you can find out why the page is not in the index and see listings with poor range.

At the conclusion of the presentation, the speaker shared patterns in Data Studio for the formation of useful reports for customers and data visualization.

More information about the report you can see in the presentation.

"analysis of the type of page impressions, and conversions determines the priority optimization for large projects."

Konstantin Bankovskaya / Netpeak Softwear

Speaker Alexander Ozhgibesov, SEO specialist and founder of told a lot of interesting things on the subject of aggregators and marketplaces in search of Yandex and Google and has monitored behavior in a sample of 200,000 requests.

the Speaker analyzed the problematic issue of aggregators and marketplaces in search engines, which is now actively grows. According to him, Yandex gives priority to the ranking aggregators and intricate Commerce, with % URL such websites is constantly growing. In Google the situation is completely the opposite.

the Speaker raises the exciting theme of demand for SEO in the future due to the dominance of aggregators and priority ranking in their favor. He argues that this does not happen, and offers solutions to the problem – scoring queries and iterative progress.

Alexander examines step by step all the stages:

1) data Collection for the study subjects.

2) Preparation of transcripts for domains.

3) Obtaining data on the composition of the top topics.

4) change URL from phrases on the basis of different iterations of opening (weeks, months, etc.).

5) Selection queries, which do not have the type of decoding (e.g., aggregators). The introduction of semantics.

6) Select queries with a minimal presence on the positions of the required type decryption (e.g., aggregators). The introduction of semantics.

7) After receiving a stamp on these requests, the transition to the most complex semantics.

the Speaker gives examples and detailed report in each paragraph for easy understanding and in conclusion expresses its gratitude to the partners of the report.

the Presentation on the theme of the speech see the link.

"Aggregators occupy 22% of the Top Yandex, and the proportion of commercial websites has decreased by 12.5%."

Alexander Ozhgibesov /