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How to prepare for a family photoshoot in the Studio?

Wedding and family photographer 12.08.2019 at 14:00

Michael noses

As a rule, before a family photo shoot there are many questions: where to shoot? what to wear? how do we stand?

to make your life easier, I've compiled a list of basic tips to prepare for your family photo shoot in the Studio.

1. The choice of location

to select a location to hold a family photo session, consider each of the possible options.


the Pros:

a familiar situation; comfort; everything you need on hand; the best option for shooting with a baby.

the Cons:

the possible lack of space; the lack of light.


the Pros:

huge selection of locations (Park, city, alley, etc.); unlimited time; natural lighting; a unique backdrop.

the Cons:

possible bad weather; in cold weather more difficult to find the right clothes.


the Pros:

prepared scenery; professional lighting; stylish props; suitable at any time and in any weather;

the Cons:

limited locations; the limited time. 2. Choice ideas

Here you can experiment and create on! If you have no idea – not scary, talk to your photographer or look for a suitable online.

This can be a themed family photo:

images of movie stars; fairy tales; the Hippie; the "Retro" style; the style of "Wild West"; the "Disco" style; slumber party; a picnic; and many other ideas to suit your taste

If you choose a story, then you can simply beat a family walk, reading books, playing outdoors and other joint pleasant experience.

3. What to wear

regardless of the selection of ideas, plan closet. Importantly, the images of all participants shooting combined with each other. This family look to create is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Enough to dress in a similar style (dressy/casual/home, etc.) and in similar colours (max 3 colors). That is, if the mother wore evening dress to the floor, then dad and the children also need to be dressy.

don't get clothes with prints (even for children) and inscriptions.

look great soft tones, pastel shades, understated accessories.

If you choose to photoshoot in the Studio, then take care of appropriate footwear – socks and knee socks look good only on the photos in the pyjama style.

as for the photo shoot on the street, then again, strive for unity and avoid heavy shapeless things.

4. Mood

as the curator it is better to choose one family member (usually mothers), which governs charges for a photo shoot.

discuss in Advance, what would you like to gain from this shooting. Do not forget to ask the children.

the day Before view your favorite family pictures – they'll tune in a positive way.

Even if something goes wrong and difficulties, cheer up and cheer up – all the trouble remedied, and the moment is unique!

5. General rules in advance to discuss the idea and all the details of the upcoming photo shoot with the photographer; to the shooting come in 10-15 minutes before the start; all the clothes divide into kits for each family member separately; prepare a few images that can be changed; take water and a snack for children; don't forget a favorite toy of your child to the photo shoot; on the way to a photo shoot exchange pleasant emotions, relax, sing a song or remember a funny story from the life; give your emotions and love close not just for photo shoots but also behind the scenes.

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